Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

Happy and Lucky New Year ~ Welcome to a World of Change!! 

The Lucky Almanac 2012 will be published to adjust the planets, the flying stars, the feng shui elements and all the zodiac signs to fit in correct alignment with our planets processional equinox. 

The 1st edition of the "Lucky Almanac" will be released on February 4, 2012 for the Solar New Year and changing of the flying stars.

I'll be using this blog to answer reader questions about the practical uses and how-to of your happiness guide. 

It is my wish to help you master your practice by connecting the cosmic wonder with the natural world.
Celebrate today, the Lunar New year!! This is the last new moon of the winter solstice and the 1st New Moon of 2012.
Our solar system's planet Jupiter (the Grand Duke, Tai Sui) moves 1 sign on the equatorial clock of our planets beltway each year. Due to our Earth's processional equinox (changing pole stars) the Duke is now way ahead of the Dragon sign and moving from the Serpent on to the Horse sign in June!!
Welcome to a World of Change! 
Please join me in these fun activities below to enhance the good fortune of this year!
Get your good luck started by watching and sharing Zodiac Now 2012!!

Zodiac Now 2012

The New Year celebration lasts for several weeks and there are lots of fun and lucky things 2do. One project I complete each year for the new year celebration is to make and display a Lucky Orange Bowl.
Lucky Orange Bowl for Chinese New Year
Want more lucky activities? 
I like to gift new lucky bamboo to my friends, clients and for my own home and office decor. It give spaces a healthy and lucky lift!!
 China Rose ~ Lucky Bamboo
Did you know?
Lucky bamboo cuttings absorb the excess carbon in the air, are non toxic and non allergenic as well as being super eco-green. China Rose lucky bamboo (locally grown and handcrafted by artisans) is sold at Whole Foods Markets in the floral department.
What about love luck?
For lucky in love opportunities and budding romance adventures I've added Narcissus bulbs to my garden and table tops. This boosts the energy and flow of love luck breaking into the new cycle.
More superstitions to enjoy: wear red, do not clean or sweep, no hair washing, dress-up, eat well and have a party!! 
Stay tuned to the Solar New Year on February 4th when I release the very 1st Edition of the Lucky Almanac 2012. The guide to happy living using cycles and patterns of motion!!
This is your lucky Almanac and auspicious book of days for astrological, horoscopy and zodiacal translations, adaptations and conversions featuring:
  • the 12 Zodiac animals signs
  • planetary alignment for the solar year
  • the feng shui elements of harmony and conflict
  • and the monthly cycles of the flying stars
  • with bonus good fortune ideas and recipes for a lucky lifestyle
Wishing you the best luck, everlasting... happy 2012!! 

Aloha ~}!{~ China Rose