Monday, December 20, 2010

Full Horse Moon

Full Horse Moon Solstice & Lunar Eclipse

December 21st, 2010.

Posting your Lucky Stars from now until next time, good luck!!

This cosmic "hobby" horse carries the wish granting gem to the people. The metal, cloud horse delivers a silver lining when you look for it.

It's full steam ahead on this pony express! Our mystical moon runs hot and fast in the dead of night breathing new life into what may have seemed long, lost or already gone.

Pick pockets of potential that are ripe for exploration and consideration.

The absolute yin (lunar) eclipse is striking off against an extreme (solstice) yang moon where black and white, dark and light merge.

This is the quintessential pairing of yin & yang, male & female, counterpoint to checkmate where polarity repels and attracts.

Darkest, dark and the lightest, light create a complex, contradictory, complimentary, contrast of opposites in the hierarchy of our cosmogony.

Each opposite side is full of itself and yet it carries a piece of the other (seed aspect or pod = good fortune ripening) as a component vital to it's own sense of being.

Residual images, like watermarks are subtle yet very telling. Natural laws of correspondence and transference apply in these types of conditions.  Horses know the laws and how to abide them. I'd expect nothing less than a surprise verdict in some high court.

On the darkest night our conscious mind can reflect upon itself from the bottom of the barrel or what is called an abyss.

The Earth passes between the Sun and a full, bright Moon on the Solstice or longest night of the year in the northern hemisphere.

A looking glass effect happens in time and space as we reflect what we "see" inside (yin) back to ourselves outside (yang), like a mirror.

This conscious awareness we see or perceive then becomes known or "formed" as an outward expression in the phenomenal world. Through an ordinary or an out-of-the-ordinary fashion.

Weak reflections beget weak results. Nothing gets nothing. Strong, clear vibes resonant like a bell and send senses reeling or spinning. Direct "outward expressions" from the void can be seductive and mystifying so stay focused through your process.

It is wise to give rise to positivity and cast aside negative limitations as we hit this powerful, soft, dark spot.

What you are sending is always matched by what you are receiving. Look for truth in this measure. Our planet is governed absolutely and empirically in cycles.

Do you see what you believe or believe what you see? Are you driving or being driven?

Don't let shadow dictate, make a choice, decide now and then keep your "mindful" options wide open.

Tune in to your best dreams, goals, desires and wishes as you shoot for the stars.

Marry your heart & your mind.

The happy middle is an exercise in mending fences and building bridges. We have lost a lot of ground that is due now to be recovered so get out your tool kits and craft, anew.

Ride this painted pony into the dream scape to find your future and align with your larger destiny or to collect a prize. Happy trails... & let there be light.

Your Lucky Stars!!

Rat - (aka: Sagittarius), transits: retro Mercury (messenger) (note: outbound motion til 12/29)
Big dollar days are here! Super Lucky stars don't get better than this. Heaven luck and social luck combine with peach blossom luck to make this the star on top of the tree! Celebrate in style and go all the way or stay home.

Ox - (aka: Capricorn, cow), transits: Sun (image), Pluto (fate), Mars (energy)
This zone has a tiny lucky star. Though small it can ring in sales for a consistent income and has a long string of miracles attached to it. The kind you hope and pray for! Don't outline anything. Just be amused or amusing with what the world offers and take that to the bank everyday. Keep repeating that.

Tiger - (aka: Aquarius), transits: Neptune (consciousness)
Testing, testing, testing... this zone has deep pockets littered with quagmires and a rip tide. Stay high and dry in whatever way is appropriate. Luck is written between the lines with a golden scepter in reach. May be best to remain on course despite appearances as they can be very deceptive. Go the distance. Luck lies in getting forward of these rough waters. Don't tag along behind. Stars provide pillars of support on either side.

Hare - (aka: Pisces, Hare, cat, rabbit), transits: Jupiter (increase), Uranus (chaos)
Super high octane lucky stars burn through the dross leaving a golden array of gifts and treasures in their wake. Heaven luck combines with infinity luck, for ever lasting success. Don't hold back, go all the way. Now is the time, so shuck and jive.

Dragon - (aka: Aries)
Aligning with top Security measures will make all the difference in the world. These stars are hostile. Be prepared, not sorry -later. There is no luck stars in sight with lots of odd ball stuff floating around in space. None of it looks useful unless you can be entertaining about it. Lay way, low, in fact go underground.

Serpent - (aka: Taurus, snake)
Ditto -no luck to be found. Read for the dragon above and then add an extra boarder patrol and double-double check the pantry. Keep a lid on everything! Go three stories under ground and hibernate. Your luck stars feature superior brightness after the new year so get rested and ready them ahead of time.

Horse - (aka: Gemini), transits: full moon lunar eclipse (full yang & full yin)
Stop all fussing and fuming and forgo any cutting remarks. Get off the fast track, entirely. This raceway is slippery when wet. Heads will roll and sabers are being rattled. No lucky stars on the horizon so you best hang close to home. Celebrate the season carefully and judiciously while keeping those dear to you, near.

Goat - (aka: Cancer, sheep, deer)
A mixed bag of lumpy, coal stars make this a mean season. Stay out of hell's kitchen while these pots boil over. Keep clear of sharp objections, away from lofty peaks and steer clear of every, daunting task. This is not the time to be make life alterations. Luck shines super, bright in the coming year. If you let things wind down now and play themselves out of their own accord, they will.
Monkey - (aka: Leo)
Say no to the huddled masses and relax in some other sunny, clime of passion. Give the peanut gallery a long break. Changes are in formation, things are still shaking out as Lucky Stars take a holiday. So can you! Catch up on recreation and restoration. Don't take sides or find any faults lest they can be construed as your very own. Cut out the red tape and wing it. Work is a godsend just-in-time, just-in full. Be ever grateful!

Bird - (aka: Phoenix, rooster)
Twinkle, twinkle, little luck stars... they will brighten the darker days as a reminder of the greater good that is on the way. There is a bigger opportunity trying to be born, to make itself known. Stop squabbling and just get on with it. No more pecking orders. Check the clippers and trimmers at the door and don't hedge or you'll be the one cut short.

Dog - (aka: Libra, lion), transits: Saturn (time)
An odd ball combination of stars like mismatched socks don't fit anything very well. Stay poised and keep still or you'll go crazy. Too much activity leaves dogs chasing after their own tall, tails. Do less or be weary and worn. You won't miss anything. New, good luck comes along in it's own sweet time. Expect it to kick in right after January begins.

Pig - (aka: Scorpio, Boar), transits: Venus (love & luxe)
Give things a chance. Once you kill something it takes some extra effort to breathe life back in. Not everyone goes in for demon slaying. Weaker spirits are advised to sit this round out and warm the bench. These stars are a game changer and your only luck lies on the other side of a deep, divide. Once you cross that,  go lightly through the night and then steal the show.