Thursday, October 7, 2010

New Dog Moon

New Moon in the Dog sign on October 7, 2010.

This New Moon (yin moods) is a real monster, truck pull.

Our Lady of love and luxe the planet Venus goes "full-throttle" retrograde motion from 10/8 until 11/18, 2010.

And not just a little bit. This baby burns rubber off the start. It's a jump forward into a automatic reverse. Not back to the past-past, just a mini-flash to the most recent past.

We've hit zero points on the beltway over the last six months or so with several outer rim celestial bodies. Many of our longer running transits are just getting their legs so to speak. The back bend lets us recoup on any missed ops.

Often this dynamic plays out on a singular level (for those going solo) with an individual who is specifically being touched by this aspect. It can tie in to or draw out of a larger collective through a transformation process that is already under way.

A clear cut case of shifting perspectives can be like a ground swell at the foundational level. Subjective, objectives in a sense give us a reason we didn't have before. 

This is a loop connecting to the emerging pattern in the underlying tapestry of life. Here we can go back to pick up any dropped or missed stitches.

In "retrospect" love returns to a place where it can gain ground and secure a larger impact with a fuller, sense of respect. For some the heart strings may need a little tuning and will certainly be tugged upon.

Like running back to a restaurant to retrieve a purse, going back to re-shoot a sequence, returning to the scene of a crime for a vital clue or to reignite a love recently lost. It's a last-chance, glance back at what you may have missed.    

This special effects here are sparked by the pure, energy planet Mars (the War God) to whom our lady Venus is only recently connected and where many mysteries are yet to unfold.

To complicate the plot there is a misfit pair out of place and time. Check early stage components for any ill-fated luck and underlying deceits that can later surface like the swamp thing.

This cycle will effectively break that which is on a course to create unforeseen damage. It quickly and efficiently reveals impostors and cheap imitators! So the split will fall in favor of what is best overall.

Some schemes will come unhinged immediately and for others the intrigue is only now, just beginning. Mars is stoking the flames while losing ground on an unholy alliance. Torrid is a fit descriptor of this deep, dark, feminine essence.

Our heroine makes a get-away as she escapes to her own world.

This "Venus Factor" will alter the face and chemistry of our relations. It shifts the "intrinsic" value of the terms and agreements. On the other side of the fence this lady is no victim to the shadow and she can be making calculated moves with unseen support if she has a mind to.

The back slap to the dog means there is "Truth and Justice" to fight for. This aspect will correspond to our resources and personal self worth in our relations with others. This is something that benefits by diplomacy, not a stand off. Be brave and break old cycles of pain.

Use this glorious season to spin your straw to gold. It is possible I assure you when you work those we/wee hours.

Benefits and funding goes in all directions, up and down and spins round like a carousel. Pick a pony you know you can rely on and ride it out. Otherwise changing horses is deemed risky and unwise in these times.

Get ready for the Masquerade when we actively commune with the Spirit World later this month. This year transits could slip into excess and run amok so party light. Watch out for falling brimstone as Armageddon 101 gets broiling and who knows what all. By now nothing should surprise you.

Those of you with wings pack your bags, this cycle is geared for transport. Buckle up and hang-on. That's it in a nut shell. Gather your good, accordingly or as it may apply.

Posting your all your lucky stars on the Zodiac wheel until next time.

Rat - (aka: Sagittarius, mouse, mongoose) transits: Mars (energy)

SUPER LUCKY STARS fly in the best possible directions of career for everlasting wealth!! You have an EXTRA special mojo this month! Don't waste it and heed the golden rules. There is so much ground you need to gain. Keep the potency by maximizing all your contacts and minimizing all the superfluous. What you can muster up now is not just a flash in the pan, it has a long course of action that will play out over time. Get the ball rolling and keep it in play. If you are in the groove you'll be having fun so use that barometer to guide you. Feel free to steal home plate.

Ox - (aka: Capricorn, buffalo, cow) transits: Pluto (fate)

Good solid lucky stars fly here with a few mixed blessings. Better days arrive with some nice rays of Heaven Luck to shine a light through the clouds of doubt after a long stormy  period. The trick is to let the past be past and leave it alone, no control. Go easy on your love life it's a bit tattered and worn thin these days. Stay in tune with the best self you've got and let that be your foothold forward. Take time out to recharge your batteries.

Tiger - (aka: Aquarius) transits: Neptune (harmony/illusion) (retrograde)

Lucky Stars are looking pretty atom smashingly, brilliant here!! Eye popping in fact.  Good luck arrives just-in-time, just-in-full. The Calvary comes riding in to save you. Things may seem nick and tuck but hey if you've stayed within the margins you can expect to be a surprise shoe-in. The stars are fabulous and rich in rewards at least on 3 sides of the table. Let a few bad cards go to make room for the aces. Make hay, now as the stars are on low beams here next month. 

Hare - (aka: Pisces, cat, rabbit, fish) transits: Uranus (chaos), Jupiter (increase)

BINGO!! We have a winner here. Beginners luck and Heaven's luck conspire for you. This is the super, sweet spot on the wheel or Ming Tang! This can begin an extra source of income with bankable benefits and plenty of amenities. The key to the castle is your my dear. Use it with discretion and a lot of panache. You deserve it so wish BIG my fluffy friend. This will set the stage for the best that is yet to come. Plush and posh everyday, get use to it!

Dragon - (aka: Aries)

Luck Stars are fragile and torn. This looks like a really rocky road. I'd keep things really quiet and rest as much as you can. Stay in and don't be out too late. This can be productive for some entertaining fields of endeavor but the stars are still really cold and conflicted. Heed the yield signs and err on the side of caution. This is not a good time to start anything extra or entirely new.
Serpent - (aka: Taurus, snake)

Lucky Stars are weak and even a bit grim. Don't take yourself or anyone else too seriously and certainly don't take anyone or anything for granted. Do your diligence, it will pay off. No moaning and groaning just be casually contrite and perfectly polite.  You've got all the right friends in all the right spaces. Let fabrications and imaginations run wild in these atmospheric pressures. You will be at center ring of the big top tent sooner than you think. Stay poised for it.

Horse - (aka: Gemini)

Eeks! Run for cover the luck stars are down right nasty. Lots of kicking and back-biting. Some fame luck may shine through in an elegant fashion but don't expect squabbles and other types of dangerous liaisons to be anything more than the obvious disaster they appear to be. Misguided alliances lead to big trouble in no time, flat. This is a good time to check out and stay put in that favorite arm chair. Be sure to keep the hoof out of the mouth. Be advised that playing politics can get brutal leading to an ugly drawn out battle.

Goat - (aka: Cancer, sheep, deer)

Your Lucky Stars fly south. You have a tough row to hoe wedged in between testy, trouble makers and unsavory, usurpers. You'll need very sharp tact, perfectly smooth feathers, a refined grace and nerves of steal to thread the needle in this haystack. Fortunately you posses the keen eye needed to unzip the silky strands that run in a string of endless possibilities. There is a silver lining to discern here but it's tricky to see with only first impressions. Read into only what you know to be true. Be skeptical as a rule as in these conditions real motivations are often hidden.

Monkey - (aka: Leo)

A limiting set of circumstances will come up short on your end. You may have miscalculated and over shot your mark. Get a second measure of authenticity or guarantee. There are other ways and means to playing this "High Stakes" game of hi jinx. The winners are those who know what side they are on. Double or two-faced friends and foes will be exposed. There is a need for erring on the side of extreme caution as things can escalate out of control, quickly. Keep a lid on it and lay low so you don't waste one drop of your vital reserves.

Bird - (aka: Virgo, Phoenix, rooster)

The Stars are pretty funky doodle, so watch your noodle. This zone is an accident prone site where one silly thing can lead to yet another mishap. Put up orange traffic cones to cordon off this area completely so no one gets hurt and nothing broken or scorned. Watch out for slips and slides. Stay inside the lines and don't veer off the pathway. Run a tight ship. There is plenty of turbulence on land, air or sea up ahead. Income streams are small but steady and miracles arrive everyday to enliven the sick bay to be well.

Dog - (aka: Libra, lion), transits: Sun (image), Saturn (time), Mercury (messenger)

Super great Lucky Stars fly here, but in so many directions all at once it can be mind boggling. This much luck can run you ragged and leave you strung out. Remain focused and centered on a definite, direct target.  Saturn is running rough shod in the Dog and has proven to be overly protective and excessive in some of the new security measures. This dampens some pretty fabulous stars just to shrink a few heads. I suggest you curb it. Whenever possible be more hospitable, not less. No toes over the line, please. 10/10/10 is a super lucky day!!

Pig - (aka: Scorpio, Boar), transits: Sun (image), Venus (love & luxe), Mars (energy), Mercury (messenger)

SUPER LUCKY STARS fly high!! Peachy keen stars are saucing up the juice to go your way, all day, everyday. Run up the flags and wave banners to welcome your new golden opportunities aboard. Try to relax and go with the flow. Let the whole world be your oyster and collect your pearls of wisdom. An exaggeration of wealth can accumulate quickly, pouring in and piling up under the right set of circumstances. Set the stage for it.

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