Friday, September 24, 2010

Full Dragon Moon

Full Dragon Moon, September 23, 2010 ~

Today the full "Dragon Moon" sits at Zero degrees Draco. This is one hyper-electric moon. A full harvest moon will happen here twice this year. It hits the end spot in the Dragon on Oct 22, 2010.

I'd say these two book-ended moons are a matched set of salt & pepper, type opposites. Two mystical dragons are said to open the gates of heaven or the gates of hell.

Personally, I love a mystery so I'll be watching to see what happens. This moon will most certainly create high drama and big magic!!

Draco, the Dragon Star is our planets original "pole star" it sits about zero degrees North. It carries  special energy for the personal "power" number (1) on the Lo Shu grid. In the Tao this spot brings or means to advance.

Many mystical stone (i.e. Sphinx and Easter Island) formations and features embedded on our planet align with the dragon star in a significant way.

Angkor Wat is a "living" temple built in alignment with Draco.

This wild star in my book is a brilliant jewel. The "Star of Fortunes" I call it. It is the the wheel that turns us, or rather "churns" us considering the natural laws of physics and motion gravity.

The Dragon is pure, male, yang energy and in this case can be likened to a "stick" that stirs the pot. The pot of primordial ooze will surely thicken as it cooks up myriad possibilities.

It's pure, raw, energy is easily excited and very temperamental. This is the time to pack light and scale those mountains in front of you. Go forth, don't wait. Be bold and courageous in your attempt to succeed at something better than what you have right now.

Get outside of the comfort zone or you may be pushed.

Being so full of "itself" (moon = moods) it could be "said" to "speak" which makes it ripe as a Harvest moon (or at least implies) for "telling" true confessions. This peaks like when a volcano erupts!

In this case challenges can "lead" to a stronger sense of self. Be able to speak your truth or get busy understanding what that may mean to you.  Lay new ground work underneath you while keeping your foundational structures sound.

This super-combo, moon factor rides right over the Grand Duke Jupiter (increase) and his on-going battle with Uranus (chaos) that is taking place on the Hare/Dragon border zone.

A war-of-worlds is happening between these two outer rim, cosmic bodies.

Our giant, benefic planet (Jupiter) is generating a retro-motion that opens up (or rips apart) an already, colossal (Uranus) mess. All this happens on the edges, in the margins, and throughout the subtext so stay centered inside the core or middle of things. 

Expect constant scrimmages taking place on the fringes and in our faces. Everything is under construction or reconstruction.

The (old style) foot soldiers on the Hare (funny bunnies) side are quite resourceful and sneaky. In contrast the (new style) high-tech, Dragon (amorphous creatures) warriors are ruthless. Compassion will confront brutality openly and vice-versa.

There is strength and vulnerability on both sides that will be fashioned out in this time frame. Scales will be stripped and tipped as we end this long, drawn-out (11) year Uranus cycle for the Hare.

Good news comes as a result even though the turmoil brings a huge toll. Here is where we must be willing to give up what does not work for each of us in order to truly serve our greater good. This kind of extreme pressure makes a lump of coal into a diamond.

In complete darkness carbon lumps are crushed beyond recognition by Earth's energy into a stone of unequaled brilliance. Clear-light channeling energy is achieved from an objects exact counterpoint, dark becomes light.

And of course let's not forget cold fusion. This adaptive energy is developed by a lousy little grain of sand or pebble (Uranus) in the shoe (motion device - Jupiter), or tongue that causes constant irritation.

Agitation is a powerful contributor towards a better end after all necessity is the mother of invention. Use this natural disposition to loop a perfect strand of pearls from the discourse and disarray. In so doing one gains in opulence and luminosity. Let there be light!

That's my take on that aspects and I know I'll be crushing carbon to unlock or harvest my lucky stones, real or metaphorical.

Uranus will ultimately win the battle over the many dysfunctional structures in our world that hold us apart. Both planets bring generational shifts, individually and collectively. Jupiter always finds a way to get something better out of his disasters once the storm is past tense.

The end in this cycle hands the Dragon folks their formal power as it winds down in the early, Spring  2011. Uranus will then "sit" exalted in the Dragon for 7+ plus years to follow. The Dragon side of this comes on quite strong and heady. Prepare for expansive, new growth.

Posting your Lucky Stars on the zodiac wheel for this cycle and until I can get a chance to do-it again ~ Good Luck!!

Rat - (aka: Sagittarius, mongoose, mouse)

Love Luck & Money Stars fly here!! But they can go either way. Depends of if you are on your path or still seeking approval elsewhere. Peach blossom luck (love & money & popularity) combines with the perpetual motion star. Stay focused or get off the merry go round. Every thing repeats itself so keep the working systems clean and lean. Expect that what you put in is what will keep coming out on the other end.

Ox - (aka: Capricorn, buffalo, cow) - transits: Pluto (fate)

Not so lucky... the illness and danger star bring distress. Two many parts don't fit the whole and you'll be left wanting. Keep a very low profile and attend to health issues and security concerns. Don't go looking for trouble.
Tiger - (aka:Aquarius) - transits: Neptune (harmony/illusion)

Unlucky Stars ride here and nothing seems to take hold. Wish I could give you more but it won't stay. Whatever I write keeps disappearing... into the vortex.

Hare - (aka: Pisces, cat, rabbit, fish) - transits: Jupiter (benefic), Uranus (chaos)

Unlucky stars have a swamp monster paying you a visit. To harness the good here depends on you keeping things light, dry and above board. There is no getting around this bend in the road. Sit it out you risk sinking further underground for too much weight. Remember an end is really the start of a pattern that you can design for yourself. Selecting fresh ideas now will accelerate the new features in your world as the seasons evolve. Right now let something end so another thing can begin. This is best done in a quiet, sanctuary space.  

Dragon - (aka: Aries) - transits: Jupiter (benefic), Uranus (chaos), Moon (moods)

Danger star (aka: entertainment) here is either super, scary good or super, scary bad!! The lucky sum-of-ten can be tapped but not easily. The quarrelling star takes up too much reserve energy so stay off the ropes. Use this wood star to fashion a balance of elements making tools and weapons unrivaled in any format. Scrap off those dead scales to find new resources under the accumulated layers. Don't let the dust settle on anything that needs attending, keep going forward. Don't get bogged down.

Serpent - (aka: Taurus, snake)

Unlucky stars are overvalued. They have only a neutral, net zero effect when you play your cards right. The magic sum-of-ten can be quite handy in the end zone. Lots of cross-over brings the pain of growth through change. Conditions are not static. Balance retreat with an advance. Don't resist this aspect the numbers fly off the charts. Instead use it to embrace what you've been resisting. The energy is moving away instead of towards your greater good. Shed that old skin. Then use the new you to to slink around with seamless flexibility and superior intentions.

Horse - (aka: Gemini)

Super lucky money stars ride roughshod through your quarter!!! There's excessive chatter on the line so use this extra energy wisely. One wouldn't want too much gibberish or gossip getting in the way of your realization of a brighter future. Also watch for any type of excess especially with electrical functions, they may throw off a back charge or unexpected kick. The after affects of this aspect are stellar. Politics are off limits, caution to stay out of that arena. Money goes the long way round but gets to you sooner than later.

Goat - (aka: Cancer, sheep, deer)

The Miracles and Income Stars combine with an already unstable set of circumstances. This can give way to a ray of hope or show a a light at the end of the tunnel. Follow this lead my fetlock, friend. Don't stray off looking to get in at any greener, pastures. They are all riddled with sink holes and full of trouble you don't see now and won't want later. Borrow your horsey buddies blinders and stick to the well trod path or stay on the lead line.

Monkey - (aka: Leo)

Lucky is as lucky does. Double down when the time is right. There is a wild, untamed talent awaiting your attention. On some level it corresponds to you although in some manner you may have disowned it. Still like a homing pigeon it comes back. It appears to belong to you. When you find or discover this natural artifact (under your nose) give it your all and it will repay you in like kind, gladly. Wow, you have no idea yet how lucky this can get!

Bird - (aka: Virgo, Phoenix, rooster) - transits: Mercury (messenger)

Lucky ducky!!! Heaven luck and magic, money miracles combine to feather your nest quite, nicely. This years harvest (finally) delivers a whole bonanza of opportunities and possibilities. Looks like lots of funding goes along with this super-jumbo pack of golden, apples and pantry goodies. Harvest your field of potential now while it is ripe with luscious fruits.

Dog - (aka: Libra, lion) - transits: Saturn (time), Sun (image), Mercury (messenger), Autumnal Equinox

The skittish lucky stars here are very tough to nail down. Long, hard, narrow views are limiting in their scope. The good graces you have cultivated seem to be keeping you buoyant even in the roughest waters. Keep up the good work and let the rest go. There is a lot you'll learn when you relax the ego and the need to seek approval. Do not try to take control. Dogs would do well to stay out/or off the court. Do not cross over borders uninvited and keep off private property or risk being sent to the pound.

Pig - (aka: Scorpio, Boar) - transits: Mars (energy), Venus (love & luxe)

Love sizzles along with some mixed blessings and dark stars. Stay cool and near the primal source of your well-being. Cycles are playing well off one another even if it seems like a ping pong match. There is unpredictability at various stages on the other side of this coin. Certain situations will require a nice pair of kid gloves. Go easy - tread lightly. Be mindful of how you mix the components. Build a wider view and lay out a grand scheme. Then tie the split-ends together to bridge the conscious realm to your next plateau. A good ending sends you off toward a new beginning. Brighter channels and expansive avenues that open-up in your favor are coming soon!