Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New Monkey Moon

New Monkey Moon August 9, 2010.

This dark Monkey (aka: Leo) moon is pregnant with endless possibilities. Exotic yet familiar, real yet undefined, simple yet strange (beyond belief) and filled with a mountain of purpose. A shroud of mystery cloaks its internal potential in a formless mold that fulfills desires and spins gold.

So "do" take a chance to harness this new moon energy to serve your selected choices and tender offerings on the table. Don't waste a minute to jump through hoops, scale the summit and hurl yourself at a worthy target.

Make change happen like a shot out-of-a-cannon or risk being tied to some alternative, less desirable agenda until early Spring 2011.

The message is to take action now, don't wait any longer. Then hold back as the month winds down in order to (correctly) complete what you've already started.

Mercury goes retrograde on August 20, 2010 and as soon as that happens things will feel as though the are spiraling down or out of control.

This is for the for review and re-visioning period required to make changes sustainable. It is quite reasonable to revisit and recalibrate our desires to avoid unnecessary grief. Take your time.

Once the planet of communication (transportation and commerce) begins its station (suspended motion) on or about the late hours of the 8/18 we are going to immediately have our hands full settling "old scores" well into early fall. Everyone's got a bone to pick.

Whatever you can get prepped and ready for delivery at this stage will be exactly what shows up on the other side. There is no doubt this eclectic, drama-rama taking shape must in some fashion play itself out.  Choose your roles carefully and by all means and methods begin to exercise more options in your master plans.

There is no denying it's a tricky business out there and no time to waste.

We have a potent, celestial cocktail of outer rim planets making demands in the most extenuating set of circumstances. The inner rim heavenly bodies are bringing this cosmic stew to a roiling boil. Stuff will rise to the surface that appears alarming from certain perspectives.

Don't go bananas with it all, stay cool and collected. Use grace under pressure.

There is scant room for compromise and no progress without it. Flex and bend, don't break. It won't hurt one bit to keep a lighthearted, playful approach on tap for all occasions.

You can make your worst mistakes your crowning glories through the genius of transformation and a gallant effort. Collaborate, coordinate, deliberate and create, create, create! The Monkey is a magnificent designer and not just another pretty, wall flower.

For an odd moment in the late summer months it could seem as though your perpetual motion machine is just not working.

But trust me... in due time the good energy you invest will cycle back, round. Then you'll be glad you did, what you did to support your highest aspirations and grandest schemes.

This moon-ish madness is sizzling, sexy hot too!

New partnerships have a special context as yet underdeveloped. Ambiguity and danger lurks on the edges of the tracks leading to a rare, hidden treasure. However it can be hard to wait-and-see what you've got going when it comes to showing-and-telling. I do sympathize with this dilemma.

This is all very titillating and tantalizing... and I'm a bit prudish on this dynamic. I suggest that you look before you leap even though you may be inclined to just close your eyes and dive in.

A rush of pure physical chemicals may feel like love-at-first sight and soul mates for-life. But in reality it is ONLY a biological "signal" that our bodies are geared toward fitness for reproduction with another persons chemistry. That makes love easy to start and fast to the finish line. In love, give yourself more than a fairy tale, emotional response to go on.

True love is presumably more a mature art than child's play. A keen insight (and perhaps old fashioned values like courage and bravery) and refined, self awareness help keep the flame of passion going all night where no one gets burned.

Take this as a cautionary note (on  quagmires and shallow ponds...) if you want something more than a "brief" (scantily clad) encounter with your hearts contentment. Set-the-trend (tune the dial) for more to evolve in a conscious way and do this before you take the plunge into the deep end. Or accept the consequences of a rash act.

From my view this fabulous moon is our last, best hope to rescue our favored ambitions with a bold, stroke of luck.

Fortunately it is filled with enough monkey shines and magical mayhem to easily, shake fruits from the money tree if we even try.

Clever, calculating talent will set the stage in a fresh, limelight of raw material beyond the bare bones we have become accustomed to. Feel free to step right up!

A virtual, silver lining appears to protect and prosper our lady Luna as she crosses the brightest sunspot on our horizon to the promised land.

There isn't a better time to have something to do and then do it!

Those who like to prepare for success will be benefited by the extra dose of good fortune contained in this void phase. The kind that is derived from extending blind faith in the face of great challenges.

The mystical monkey always wins when his/her energy is married to supremely, high expectations and purely, practical methods. Glide through this slipstream with equal parts, focused determination and reckless abandon. Tread that thin line to cross the wasteland to the other side.

Majestic and rich are the rewards of this primal resource to infuse and enhance your lucky stars from now until  I've got time for the next posting. Good Luck!

Rat - (aka: Sagittarius)
X marks the spot where you'll find the buried treasure, good luck and happy hunting. An excess of too much social luck can spoil the best laid plans. No one likes a flake unless it's part of a pie crust. This great energy is really best reserved for use by the compassionate triad (hare, goat & pig) to manage bigger public ideals and for the East house folks to get an edge on their lofty expressions. Small money is a big opportunity you can take the the bank, daily if you are not too busy just making the scene.

Ox - (aka: Capricorn, cow, buffalo) / transits: Pluto (fate) (retrograde 4/6 to 9/16)
Lots of noise is being made about the bad juju of some pretty knarly stars banging around in this quarter. When you see the larger view it all connects the dots to expand our world and help us let go of the dead past. The sequence does plays out and return to good. But cows can be guilty of bringing it all up over and over again. This is really not the best course through this tough patch. Stay on the bright side of the road and let bygones be gone.

Tiger - (aka: Aquarius) / transits: Neptune (harmony/illusion) (retrograde 5/31 to 11/6)
Take no prisoners and serve no master but your own or you can get locked into something you never intended. Minding the store with a relentless grind can deadlock the process so take a breather and pace yourself, regularly. Your invisible enemy is stubborn pride so soften and recondition your mind, naturally. Then follow the logical sequence out to where the magical sum-of-ten overcomes the worst case scenario to a better end. Piggy friends benefit greatly. 

Hare - (aka: Pisces, cat, rabbit, fish) / transits: Uranus (chaos) (retrograde 7/5 to 12/5)
There is lots of fussing and fighting going on in this direction. The lucky stars are like cats and dogs, nipping at heels and scratching at the furniture. Take a long extended holiday and stay off the beaten path. The days are going to be most delightful when you don't short cut people, places or things in word or deed. Just go the distance and be glad about it.

Dragon - (aka: Aries) / transits: Jupiter (increase) (retrograde 7/23 to 11/18)
The best tools are fashioned from the adversity that confronts us in our hour of great need. Let the intentions that no longer serve you be the first thing you cut ties with and not the people and things that have merit and usefulness. Everything does not have to be black and white, rich or poor, short or long. I'd find the happy middle and stay there if I were you.

Snake - (aka: Taurus, snake)
Cut a valley through your mountain of impossible and implusible circumstances to turn the page and begin a new story. The odd bits and pieces will come together easily and effortlessly in new ways you never imagined when you let go of your death grip on the concepts. Don't cut away too much or fail to severe ties to the dead wood cleanly. In so doing new growth will emerge over night, instantly. In matters of the heart you can expect some big shifts in your thinking. Tread lightly.

Horse - (aka: Gemini)
Runaway trains of thought may be keeping you up at night and holding you hostage to the noisy battles that rage on in your daily dos. This years damp stars here have not suited your refined tastes or placid state of harmony. There is nothing that can be done to improve this until you make the change in your own state of mind. There is a contradiction in the terms of agreements that needs to be laid to rest. This topic begins and ends with you. Once you remove this blight you can go back to tilting at windmills and taking right turns at every bend in the road.

Goat - (aka: Cancer, sheep, deer)
While there may be plenty to complain about most of the time it is not the best remedy for what ails you. The lucky stars are set-up in a pattern that either goes to higher ground or gets stuck in the harsh realities of outmoded thinking. Get and keep a fresh mindset to rework the ideals that may have gotten bogged down in the intricate trappings of your inner most desires. It's not that your world will not serve your every wish and good desire. It is your constant, reflective thoughts that are projecting what you see (good or bad) laid out in front of you.

Monkey - (aka: Leo) / transits: Sun (image), New Moon (yin moods)
The stars here must stay on the move or they stagnate. To generate lucky perks and cultivate success one is advised to keep the energy flowing and circulating. Don't get tied down to any one thing, just yet. Go to the trouble of playing all your cards right. Even if you already know what you want don't rush in and grab it. Keep tuned to your higher state of mind and let it meet you half way. The real crime is if you miss all the golden goose eggs simply because you had sticky fingers instead of a steady hand.

Bird - (aka: Virgo, Phoenix, rooster) / transits: Mercury (messages) (Exalted) (retrograde 8/20 to 9/12)
This is not as bad as it may look. In fact there is a great chance that a phenomenal design solution is the potential by product of this complex marriage. The elements and contradictions surrounding this inflow and outflow of creative energy lend an awkward and dangerous risk to the process. However it would be a mistake to let that stop you from making an approach on this jungle landing strip. The possibilities in this wild environment are crystalline in nature. Keep a wide open mind and do the diligence. It could really pay off.

Dog - (aka: Libra, lion) / transits: Saturn (time), Venus (love & luxe), Mars (energy)
For a select few things continue rather smoothly. But not all dogs will fare the same through this transit point. Your lucky stars have quite a dramatic effect taking place. One that multiplies factors in both directions. Too much of a good thing can wear you thin, ragged or doggedly dumb as you chase your tail in circles going nowhere. Rest and proper peer reviews can help curb the power trips you may be taking. Stop trying to do all, be all and have all. Instead see whatever you have as more than enough then start building resources from what is on hand and not from the pie-in-the sky. Unless it's a Whimsday.

Pig - (aka: Scorpio, boar)
The buck stops here and takes another lucky spin on the wheel for a jackpot win. There is also strong possibility of hitting a lusty, hot spot for love and money luck.  Chances are riding high, though rather slim so seek the high ground in these dicey matters. Take your best guess, aim or shot at the things you most desire and don't break anything more than the dumb habits that no longer serve you. Know thyself. Real truth and beauty is ageless and timeless for all eternity.  Miracles and lucky stars shine on and on for you!!

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