Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ox New Moon - Solar Eclipse

Ox New Moon ~ Solar Eclipse
This post takes us from our first new moon January 14th in the Ox sign to the full moon in the Monkey sign on January 29th.

We have a dense number of aspects and station changes with both inner and outer rim planets. They will be pushing through a tight funnel of time in the next few days and in the coming weeks. This jump starts some pretty significant, long running "cycles of change" over the long haul.

Use this regressive energy to complete, then double check paperwork and reconfigure your plans.

Our new moon (full yin) is conjoined to Pluto (fate) in the sign of the Ox (aka: Capricorn, buffalo, cow) with our Sun (image) and Venus (love & luxe) being blind sided (blind folded) or merged by the dark ecliptic shadow. Some thing is hidden from view.

One positive way to liken this ecliptic episode in time is that of a blacksmith. A craftsman who stokes the fires in the recesses of darkness with determination and grit to transform a lump of ore into a great work of art or into sturdy tools. The lump of ore is really a metaphor of the life you are co-creating with the divine, the blacksmith is your entitlement (or gift) that shapes or hinders your own character.

Dyed-in-the-wool, written-in-stone traditions will die hard through this influence. Basically this won't be so much about individual beings as it is about a new brand of social responsibility to the whole.

A cow or Ox sign is part of the mystical triad with the Snake and Bird signs and is secret buddies with the alchemist, trickster Rat. These signs should be keenly aware of what is behind the curtain as it benefits or debits them most.

The cow is a domestic (service oriented) barnyard animal and is considered sacred in the cosmic wonder. Find or create your own sanctuary (pasture) to become objective (digest), not subjective (reactive) about life. Making (or remaking) yourself useful or integral to a process is the key to realizing gains at this juncture.

Expect leadership roles of great power to shift poles behind the scenes and something affecting the masses (or herd) will be heavily veiled in secrecy. It is ill advised to sign on the dotted line under these celestial conditions. Wait until after the full phase of this winter solar eclipse has passed after January 17th for things to stabilize.

Through this dark phase hunt for bargains, tap resources, make-do, find clever solutions, restructure components, rethink strategy and retool your methodology. Matching up all the left-over odd bits provide us with vital clues to locate any missing puzzle pieces.

There is quite a lot of turbulence and pent up stress in the features of these cosmic patterns and they are being front loaded into this years cycle. Tread lightly, but do so at a brisk pace.

Adding another layer of complexity to the configuration in the Ox sign is the Planet Mercury (messenger). Our messenger planet of commerce and transportation shifts gears and returns from retrograde (back spin) on January 15th. Current and former delays will now give way to the next step to making a fresh start.

During the Mercury station days (suspended animation) on January 14th and 16th there could be an overload of pressures on operational systems in the work force. This will likely slow motion or bring about a "delayed reaction" of some kind in the markets and of course clog our roadways.

The darkness of our new moon eclipse casts a shadow upon itself, so ladies please stay in a protective mode. In business and in making life altering change be prudent and take a "wait-to-see" approach.

Repeating circumstances are simply a by product of your own unconscious acts. They can only be altered by shifting your heart and mind into alignment with a true sense of purpose, like your divine plan. Give it a try and let me know if you need any help with that.

Just in time for the Cosmic New Year on January 17th the coast is suddenly clear. Earth makes it's own revolution and celebrates it's own solar year marked by the annual transition of Jupiter, the great Benefic.

The Grand Duke, Jupiter officially moves onward into the sign of the Hare (aka: Pisces, cat, rabbit, fish) for 2010. This motion provides our lucky kitties (and furry friends) with some instant relief from the overwhelming, hindsight they have been dragging around.

The following day, on January 18th our lady, Venus will move into the eccentric sign of the Tiger (aka: Aquarius) where she immediately begins to restore some common ground to our battered, emotional shores.

Jupiter's move forward ends the six month Neptune conjunction that fueled an evolution in our consciousness. Neptune (harmony), now on his own sits like a noble king in the late stages of the Tiger awaiting the arrival of Venus. They will reunite to awaken their inner passions and become fully rejuvenated by the transit of the Sun that starts on January 19th.

With Jupiter's arrival comes a huge sigh of relief to what now amounts to a scorched, war zone. He moves in where we have just seen seven years of a living hell under the reign of Uranus. While in the bunny sign the planet Uranus (chaos) has been in detriment and he made his bitter, unhappiness well known.

By the end of May our planet Uranus (chaos) finally leaves the Hare (aka: Pisces, cat, rabbit, fish) and moves into it's most exalted state in the Dragon (aka: Aries) sign. This is where we will see a new line of scrimmage take place. The scuffle will be dramatic but short lived and by next year (March 2011) a new Dragon style leadership will prevail.

Good news is that after that point in time our compassionate rabbit (aka: Hare, Pisces, cat, fish) friends will not see Uranus again in this lifetime. This planet takes 84 years to complete the twelve stations on our celestial wheel. It will be a victorious "homecoming" for all the critters in the garden patch.

Be advised Mars (energy) remains in retrograde motion in the sign of the Monkey until early March. So keep your wild ambitions on a short leash and do not rattle the cage. Temper, temper, control your emotions or they will control you. Hold back on BIG until you have a working scale model to draw from.

There are also a number of destructive patterns that begin long running transits this year. One to watch for begins January 31st when Saturn (time) in the Dog squares off against Pluto (fate) in the Ox sign. This weighs a heavy toll on the many and there are ways we can lighten the load as we migrate forward.

For that purpose I've posted your Lucky Stars and where to find them for the Zodiac signs on the wheel in this cycle. Good luck and Happy Cosmic New Year!

Please check back soon... I'll be updating the Flying Stars (fields of energy) for the Chinese Solar New Year, February 4th. And posting details about the Chinese Lunar New Year in the White Tiger which begins on Valentine's day February 14th.

Rat - (aka: Sagittarius, mouse, mongoose)
Success arrives with small money luck and magic miracles that can be harvested incrementally. Projects that are repetitious are most beneficial and a garden-variety hobbyist can strike gold in in his own workshop. An abundance of caution is noted here so stay clear of any and all unnecessary risks and lock up your good to avoid loss or theft. Keep a vigil over your heart's content.

Ox - (aka: Capricorn, buffalo) - transits: New Moon (full yin) Solar Eclipse, Sun (image), Venus (love & luxe), Mercury (messenger) and Pluto (fate)
There is a healthy dose of heaven luck that delivers you a field of plenty that can tide you over for quite some time. Be careful not to squander it on gripping and complaining or being down in the mouth. All of these factors significantly reduce your luck potency and can hinder right progress. Remember every experience in your outer world is simply a by product of your own inner thoughts.

Tiger - (aka: Aquarius) - transits: Neptune (harmony/illusion), Venus (love & luxe)
Heaven luck distributes a huge advantage bundled with excellent opportunities directly to you. However the caveat to finding fulfillment that meets (or exceed) your desires depends on how well you prioritize your values. Don't mistakenly kill the goose to appease someone else. Gratitude is the attitude known to attract more good, most often. Avoid all disputes like the plague or you'll chase away your most favored status.

Hare - (aka: Pisces, cat, rabbit, fish) - transits: Uranus (chaos), Jupiter (increase)
Victory luck and small miracles arrive to boost your income and social life. The mean and lean days of late may have left you wanting more instead of appreciating what is at hand. This can scare away your date with destiny or worse attract decline. There are good days ahead and the time to appreciate them is before they materialize. Constantly, practice feeling worthy of what you really want. When your true thoughts rest there habitually you will find yourself much farther up the pay scale, automatically.

Dragon - (aka: Aries)
Lucky stars align to create the magic sum of ten. This brings you great success and good fortune in financial matters to meet challenges in the marketplace, face to face. The trick is to extract equity in holdings and property of value by shifting your strategy and energy into new venues. These are prime, peak conditions to establish (a new) long term, growth pattern. Reposition you investments by first upgrading the quality of thoughts that you keep about them. If it can be done only you can do it.

Serpent - (aka: Taurus, snake)
The super lucky sum of ten makes your zone the sweet spot for overcoming all obstacles to success. The growth factors are exponential when properly tapped and trade secrets pan out big time. The day to day details may appear to weak or complicated on the surface but apply your new found formula and watch the results develop overnight. This is not for the faint of heart so avoid mixing business with the very young or declining, elderly.

Horse - (aka: Gemini)
Caution, the danger star brings misfortune in your hour of glory. I'd dim the lime lights and lay low to keep from attracting the wrong kind of attention that leads to trouble. The main thing here is to not squander your vitality and goodwill over something that is petty and pointless. What you fight to get you fight to keep and often times accidentally end up destroying. Know and speak your truth or spend more time finding it.

Goat - (aka: Cancer, sheep, deer)
Money Luck abounds and the good multiplies at every step in the process. There is strong indicators of phenomenal success being born out of this set of lucky stars. Though there is so much to manage it may seem a daunting task. But measured out in some special (almost elite) manner allows access to the underlying data that can bank you an endless fortune in residual, afterglow. Suit up for success and it will follow you everywhere.

Monkey - (aka: Leo) - transits: Mars (war god, energy) (retrograde until 3/7)
Heaven luck brings windfalls of money luck that open double doors to a whole new world of opportunity. Be careful how you use this mojo since it multiplies your possibilities and increases fertility in either direction, good or bad . If you'd like to add to your family this is the time to relax and let nature takes it's course. Or to get the biggest bang from your buck apply this energy to your craft, trade or skill and allow a fresh approach to take you in a new directions.

Bird - (aka: Phoenix, Virgo, rooster)
The lucky stars are not auspicious for you right now so "don't press your luck" as they say. That button on the console is not functioning properly in the present mode. No sense driving yourself crazy or allow anyone else to do so. Any added pressure now could collapse a weak link in the system leading to a flat tire on the dream machine. Bide your time tending to your own knitting for awhile. Stay away from creepy types since the usual birds-of-a-feather rule, applies.

Dog - (aka: Libra, lion) transits: Saturn (time)
Big love and money luck ride off into the sunset and enter stage left into your world of possibilities. There is uncharted territory to be explored in both areas. First we must empty our cup of knowing-ness to make room for the answers to our oldest questions. Saturn will be squaring off big time for a blood feud and what we dictate to others relegates us to a role. Your big, bonanza lucky stars can over ride the drama when you rise above and let go of control.

Pig - (aka: Boar, Scorpio)
The genii is out of his bottle... you get the bonus pack, lucky-in-love stars with super money luck. Flip the "switch" in your thinking to stream good fortune directly to the bank, day and night, night and day. A mystery romance will reveal it's secrets to you and only you, so best be ready for it. Your superior money luck is a direct result of endless sleuthing that has lead you to the wellspring. Now that you know the source you can help yourself anytime.