Monday, December 20, 2010

Full Horse Moon

Full Horse Moon Solstice & Lunar Eclipse

December 21st, 2010.

Posting your Lucky Stars from now until next time, good luck!!

This cosmic "hobby" horse carries the wish granting gem to the people. The metal, cloud horse delivers a silver lining when you look for it.

It's full steam ahead on this pony express! Our mystical moon runs hot and fast in the dead of night breathing new life into what may have seemed long, lost or already gone.

Pick pockets of potential that are ripe for exploration and consideration.

The absolute yin (lunar) eclipse is striking off against an extreme (solstice) yang moon where black and white, dark and light merge.

This is the quintessential pairing of yin & yang, male & female, counterpoint to checkmate where polarity repels and attracts.

Darkest, dark and the lightest, light create a complex, contradictory, complimentary, contrast of opposites in the hierarchy of our cosmogony.

Each opposite side is full of itself and yet it carries a piece of the other (seed aspect or pod = good fortune ripening) as a component vital to it's own sense of being.

Residual images, like watermarks are subtle yet very telling. Natural laws of correspondence and transference apply in these types of conditions.  Horses know the laws and how to abide them. I'd expect nothing less than a surprise verdict in some high court.

On the darkest night our conscious mind can reflect upon itself from the bottom of the barrel or what is called an abyss.

The Earth passes between the Sun and a full, bright Moon on the Solstice or longest night of the year in the northern hemisphere.

A looking glass effect happens in time and space as we reflect what we "see" inside (yin) back to ourselves outside (yang), like a mirror.

This conscious awareness we see or perceive then becomes known or "formed" as an outward expression in the phenomenal world. Through an ordinary or an out-of-the-ordinary fashion.

Weak reflections beget weak results. Nothing gets nothing. Strong, clear vibes resonant like a bell and send senses reeling or spinning. Direct "outward expressions" from the void can be seductive and mystifying so stay focused through your process.

It is wise to give rise to positivity and cast aside negative limitations as we hit this powerful, soft, dark spot.

What you are sending is always matched by what you are receiving. Look for truth in this measure. Our planet is governed absolutely and empirically in cycles.

Do you see what you believe or believe what you see? Are you driving or being driven?

Don't let shadow dictate, make a choice, decide now and then keep your "mindful" options wide open.

Tune in to your best dreams, goals, desires and wishes as you shoot for the stars.

Marry your heart & your mind.

The happy middle is an exercise in mending fences and building bridges. We have lost a lot of ground that is due now to be recovered so get out your tool kits and craft, anew.

Ride this painted pony into the dream scape to find your future and align with your larger destiny or to collect a prize. Happy trails... & let there be light.

Your Lucky Stars!!

Rat - (aka: Sagittarius), transits: retro Mercury (messenger) (note: outbound motion til 12/29)
Big dollar days are here! Super Lucky stars don't get better than this. Heaven luck and social luck combine with peach blossom luck to make this the star on top of the tree! Celebrate in style and go all the way or stay home.

Ox - (aka: Capricorn, cow), transits: Sun (image), Pluto (fate), Mars (energy)
This zone has a tiny lucky star. Though small it can ring in sales for a consistent income and has a long string of miracles attached to it. The kind you hope and pray for! Don't outline anything. Just be amused or amusing with what the world offers and take that to the bank everyday. Keep repeating that.

Tiger - (aka: Aquarius), transits: Neptune (consciousness)
Testing, testing, testing... this zone has deep pockets littered with quagmires and a rip tide. Stay high and dry in whatever way is appropriate. Luck is written between the lines with a golden scepter in reach. May be best to remain on course despite appearances as they can be very deceptive. Go the distance. Luck lies in getting forward of these rough waters. Don't tag along behind. Stars provide pillars of support on either side.

Hare - (aka: Pisces, Hare, cat, rabbit), transits: Jupiter (increase), Uranus (chaos)
Super high octane lucky stars burn through the dross leaving a golden array of gifts and treasures in their wake. Heaven luck combines with infinity luck, for ever lasting success. Don't hold back, go all the way. Now is the time, so shuck and jive.

Dragon - (aka: Aries)
Aligning with top Security measures will make all the difference in the world. These stars are hostile. Be prepared, not sorry -later. There is no luck stars in sight with lots of odd ball stuff floating around in space. None of it looks useful unless you can be entertaining about it. Lay way, low, in fact go underground.

Serpent - (aka: Taurus, snake)
Ditto -no luck to be found. Read for the dragon above and then add an extra boarder patrol and double-double check the pantry. Keep a lid on everything! Go three stories under ground and hibernate. Your luck stars feature superior brightness after the new year so get rested and ready them ahead of time.

Horse - (aka: Gemini), transits: full moon lunar eclipse (full yang & full yin)
Stop all fussing and fuming and forgo any cutting remarks. Get off the fast track, entirely. This raceway is slippery when wet. Heads will roll and sabers are being rattled. No lucky stars on the horizon so you best hang close to home. Celebrate the season carefully and judiciously while keeping those dear to you, near.

Goat - (aka: Cancer, sheep, deer)
A mixed bag of lumpy, coal stars make this a mean season. Stay out of hell's kitchen while these pots boil over. Keep clear of sharp objections, away from lofty peaks and steer clear of every, daunting task. This is not the time to be make life alterations. Luck shines super, bright in the coming year. If you let things wind down now and play themselves out of their own accord, they will.
Monkey - (aka: Leo)
Say no to the huddled masses and relax in some other sunny, clime of passion. Give the peanut gallery a long break. Changes are in formation, things are still shaking out as Lucky Stars take a holiday. So can you! Catch up on recreation and restoration. Don't take sides or find any faults lest they can be construed as your very own. Cut out the red tape and wing it. Work is a godsend just-in-time, just-in full. Be ever grateful!

Bird - (aka: Phoenix, rooster)
Twinkle, twinkle, little luck stars... they will brighten the darker days as a reminder of the greater good that is on the way. There is a bigger opportunity trying to be born, to make itself known. Stop squabbling and just get on with it. No more pecking orders. Check the clippers and trimmers at the door and don't hedge or you'll be the one cut short.

Dog - (aka: Libra, lion), transits: Saturn (time)
An odd ball combination of stars like mismatched socks don't fit anything very well. Stay poised and keep still or you'll go crazy. Too much activity leaves dogs chasing after their own tall, tails. Do less or be weary and worn. You won't miss anything. New, good luck comes along in it's own sweet time. Expect it to kick in right after January begins.

Pig - (aka: Scorpio, Boar), transits: Venus (love & luxe)
Give things a chance. Once you kill something it takes some extra effort to breathe life back in. Not everyone goes in for demon slaying. Weaker spirits are advised to sit this round out and warm the bench. These stars are a game changer and your only luck lies on the other side of a deep, divide. Once you cross that,  go lightly through the night and then steal the show.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

New Dog Moon

New Moon in the Dog sign on October 7, 2010.

This New Moon (yin moods) is a real monster, truck pull.

Our Lady of love and luxe the planet Venus goes "full-throttle" retrograde motion from 10/8 until 11/18, 2010.

And not just a little bit. This baby burns rubber off the start. It's a jump forward into a automatic reverse. Not back to the past-past, just a mini-flash to the most recent past.

We've hit zero points on the beltway over the last six months or so with several outer rim celestial bodies. Many of our longer running transits are just getting their legs so to speak. The back bend lets us recoup on any missed ops.

Often this dynamic plays out on a singular level (for those going solo) with an individual who is specifically being touched by this aspect. It can tie in to or draw out of a larger collective through a transformation process that is already under way.

A clear cut case of shifting perspectives can be like a ground swell at the foundational level. Subjective, objectives in a sense give us a reason we didn't have before. 

This is a loop connecting to the emerging pattern in the underlying tapestry of life. Here we can go back to pick up any dropped or missed stitches.

In "retrospect" love returns to a place where it can gain ground and secure a larger impact with a fuller, sense of respect. For some the heart strings may need a little tuning and will certainly be tugged upon.

Like running back to a restaurant to retrieve a purse, going back to re-shoot a sequence, returning to the scene of a crime for a vital clue or to reignite a love recently lost. It's a last-chance, glance back at what you may have missed.    

This special effects here are sparked by the pure, energy planet Mars (the War God) to whom our lady Venus is only recently connected and where many mysteries are yet to unfold.

To complicate the plot there is a misfit pair out of place and time. Check early stage components for any ill-fated luck and underlying deceits that can later surface like the swamp thing.

This cycle will effectively break that which is on a course to create unforeseen damage. It quickly and efficiently reveals impostors and cheap imitators! So the split will fall in favor of what is best overall.

Some schemes will come unhinged immediately and for others the intrigue is only now, just beginning. Mars is stoking the flames while losing ground on an unholy alliance. Torrid is a fit descriptor of this deep, dark, feminine essence.

Our heroine makes a get-away as she escapes to her own world.

This "Venus Factor" will alter the face and chemistry of our relations. It shifts the "intrinsic" value of the terms and agreements. On the other side of the fence this lady is no victim to the shadow and she can be making calculated moves with unseen support if she has a mind to.

The back slap to the dog means there is "Truth and Justice" to fight for. This aspect will correspond to our resources and personal self worth in our relations with others. This is something that benefits by diplomacy, not a stand off. Be brave and break old cycles of pain.

Use this glorious season to spin your straw to gold. It is possible I assure you when you work those we/wee hours.

Benefits and funding goes in all directions, up and down and spins round like a carousel. Pick a pony you know you can rely on and ride it out. Otherwise changing horses is deemed risky and unwise in these times.

Get ready for the Masquerade when we actively commune with the Spirit World later this month. This year transits could slip into excess and run amok so party light. Watch out for falling brimstone as Armageddon 101 gets broiling and who knows what all. By now nothing should surprise you.

Those of you with wings pack your bags, this cycle is geared for transport. Buckle up and hang-on. That's it in a nut shell. Gather your good, accordingly or as it may apply.

Posting your all your lucky stars on the Zodiac wheel until next time.

Rat - (aka: Sagittarius, mouse, mongoose) transits: Mars (energy)

SUPER LUCKY STARS fly in the best possible directions of career for everlasting wealth!! You have an EXTRA special mojo this month! Don't waste it and heed the golden rules. There is so much ground you need to gain. Keep the potency by maximizing all your contacts and minimizing all the superfluous. What you can muster up now is not just a flash in the pan, it has a long course of action that will play out over time. Get the ball rolling and keep it in play. If you are in the groove you'll be having fun so use that barometer to guide you. Feel free to steal home plate.

Ox - (aka: Capricorn, buffalo, cow) transits: Pluto (fate)

Good solid lucky stars fly here with a few mixed blessings. Better days arrive with some nice rays of Heaven Luck to shine a light through the clouds of doubt after a long stormy  period. The trick is to let the past be past and leave it alone, no control. Go easy on your love life it's a bit tattered and worn thin these days. Stay in tune with the best self you've got and let that be your foothold forward. Take time out to recharge your batteries.

Tiger - (aka: Aquarius) transits: Neptune (harmony/illusion) (retrograde)

Lucky Stars are looking pretty atom smashingly, brilliant here!! Eye popping in fact.  Good luck arrives just-in-time, just-in-full. The Calvary comes riding in to save you. Things may seem nick and tuck but hey if you've stayed within the margins you can expect to be a surprise shoe-in. The stars are fabulous and rich in rewards at least on 3 sides of the table. Let a few bad cards go to make room for the aces. Make hay, now as the stars are on low beams here next month. 

Hare - (aka: Pisces, cat, rabbit, fish) transits: Uranus (chaos), Jupiter (increase)

BINGO!! We have a winner here. Beginners luck and Heaven's luck conspire for you. This is the super, sweet spot on the wheel or Ming Tang! This can begin an extra source of income with bankable benefits and plenty of amenities. The key to the castle is your my dear. Use it with discretion and a lot of panache. You deserve it so wish BIG my fluffy friend. This will set the stage for the best that is yet to come. Plush and posh everyday, get use to it!

Dragon - (aka: Aries)

Luck Stars are fragile and torn. This looks like a really rocky road. I'd keep things really quiet and rest as much as you can. Stay in and don't be out too late. This can be productive for some entertaining fields of endeavor but the stars are still really cold and conflicted. Heed the yield signs and err on the side of caution. This is not a good time to start anything extra or entirely new.
Serpent - (aka: Taurus, snake)

Lucky Stars are weak and even a bit grim. Don't take yourself or anyone else too seriously and certainly don't take anyone or anything for granted. Do your diligence, it will pay off. No moaning and groaning just be casually contrite and perfectly polite.  You've got all the right friends in all the right spaces. Let fabrications and imaginations run wild in these atmospheric pressures. You will be at center ring of the big top tent sooner than you think. Stay poised for it.

Horse - (aka: Gemini)

Eeks! Run for cover the luck stars are down right nasty. Lots of kicking and back-biting. Some fame luck may shine through in an elegant fashion but don't expect squabbles and other types of dangerous liaisons to be anything more than the obvious disaster they appear to be. Misguided alliances lead to big trouble in no time, flat. This is a good time to check out and stay put in that favorite arm chair. Be sure to keep the hoof out of the mouth. Be advised that playing politics can get brutal leading to an ugly drawn out battle.

Goat - (aka: Cancer, sheep, deer)

Your Lucky Stars fly south. You have a tough row to hoe wedged in between testy, trouble makers and unsavory, usurpers. You'll need very sharp tact, perfectly smooth feathers, a refined grace and nerves of steal to thread the needle in this haystack. Fortunately you posses the keen eye needed to unzip the silky strands that run in a string of endless possibilities. There is a silver lining to discern here but it's tricky to see with only first impressions. Read into only what you know to be true. Be skeptical as a rule as in these conditions real motivations are often hidden.

Monkey - (aka: Leo)

A limiting set of circumstances will come up short on your end. You may have miscalculated and over shot your mark. Get a second measure of authenticity or guarantee. There are other ways and means to playing this "High Stakes" game of hi jinx. The winners are those who know what side they are on. Double or two-faced friends and foes will be exposed. There is a need for erring on the side of extreme caution as things can escalate out of control, quickly. Keep a lid on it and lay low so you don't waste one drop of your vital reserves.

Bird - (aka: Virgo, Phoenix, rooster)

The Stars are pretty funky doodle, so watch your noodle. This zone is an accident prone site where one silly thing can lead to yet another mishap. Put up orange traffic cones to cordon off this area completely so no one gets hurt and nothing broken or scorned. Watch out for slips and slides. Stay inside the lines and don't veer off the pathway. Run a tight ship. There is plenty of turbulence on land, air or sea up ahead. Income streams are small but steady and miracles arrive everyday to enliven the sick bay to be well.

Dog - (aka: Libra, lion), transits: Sun (image), Saturn (time), Mercury (messenger)

Super great Lucky Stars fly here, but in so many directions all at once it can be mind boggling. This much luck can run you ragged and leave you strung out. Remain focused and centered on a definite, direct target.  Saturn is running rough shod in the Dog and has proven to be overly protective and excessive in some of the new security measures. This dampens some pretty fabulous stars just to shrink a few heads. I suggest you curb it. Whenever possible be more hospitable, not less. No toes over the line, please. 10/10/10 is a super lucky day!!

Pig - (aka: Scorpio, Boar), transits: Sun (image), Venus (love & luxe), Mars (energy), Mercury (messenger)

SUPER LUCKY STARS fly high!! Peachy keen stars are saucing up the juice to go your way, all day, everyday. Run up the flags and wave banners to welcome your new golden opportunities aboard. Try to relax and go with the flow. Let the whole world be your oyster and collect your pearls of wisdom. An exaggeration of wealth can accumulate quickly, pouring in and piling up under the right set of circumstances. Set the stage for it.

Notice: appreciation is given to the public graffiti artist. Please send me details to tag it back to you as a link to your site. 

Friday, September 24, 2010

Full Dragon Moon

Full Dragon Moon, September 23, 2010 ~

Today the full "Dragon Moon" sits at Zero degrees Draco. This is one hyper-electric moon. A full harvest moon will happen here twice this year. It hits the end spot in the Dragon on Oct 22, 2010.

I'd say these two book-ended moons are a matched set of salt & pepper, type opposites. Two mystical dragons are said to open the gates of heaven or the gates of hell.

Personally, I love a mystery so I'll be watching to see what happens. This moon will most certainly create high drama and big magic!!

Draco, the Dragon Star is our planets original "pole star" it sits about zero degrees North. It carries  special energy for the personal "power" number (1) on the Lo Shu grid. In the Tao this spot brings or means to advance.

Many mystical stone (i.e. Sphinx and Easter Island) formations and features embedded on our planet align with the dragon star in a significant way.

Angkor Wat is a "living" temple built in alignment with Draco.

This wild star in my book is a brilliant jewel. The "Star of Fortunes" I call it. It is the the wheel that turns us, or rather "churns" us considering the natural laws of physics and motion gravity.

The Dragon is pure, male, yang energy and in this case can be likened to a "stick" that stirs the pot. The pot of primordial ooze will surely thicken as it cooks up myriad possibilities.

It's pure, raw, energy is easily excited and very temperamental. This is the time to pack light and scale those mountains in front of you. Go forth, don't wait. Be bold and courageous in your attempt to succeed at something better than what you have right now.

Get outside of the comfort zone or you may be pushed.

Being so full of "itself" (moon = moods) it could be "said" to "speak" which makes it ripe as a Harvest moon (or at least implies) for "telling" true confessions. This peaks like when a volcano erupts!

In this case challenges can "lead" to a stronger sense of self. Be able to speak your truth or get busy understanding what that may mean to you.  Lay new ground work underneath you while keeping your foundational structures sound.

This super-combo, moon factor rides right over the Grand Duke Jupiter (increase) and his on-going battle with Uranus (chaos) that is taking place on the Hare/Dragon border zone.

A war-of-worlds is happening between these two outer rim, cosmic bodies.

Our giant, benefic planet (Jupiter) is generating a retro-motion that opens up (or rips apart) an already, colossal (Uranus) mess. All this happens on the edges, in the margins, and throughout the subtext so stay centered inside the core or middle of things. 

Expect constant scrimmages taking place on the fringes and in our faces. Everything is under construction or reconstruction.

The (old style) foot soldiers on the Hare (funny bunnies) side are quite resourceful and sneaky. In contrast the (new style) high-tech, Dragon (amorphous creatures) warriors are ruthless. Compassion will confront brutality openly and vice-versa.

There is strength and vulnerability on both sides that will be fashioned out in this time frame. Scales will be stripped and tipped as we end this long, drawn-out (11) year Uranus cycle for the Hare.

Good news comes as a result even though the turmoil brings a huge toll. Here is where we must be willing to give up what does not work for each of us in order to truly serve our greater good. This kind of extreme pressure makes a lump of coal into a diamond.

In complete darkness carbon lumps are crushed beyond recognition by Earth's energy into a stone of unequaled brilliance. Clear-light channeling energy is achieved from an objects exact counterpoint, dark becomes light.

And of course let's not forget cold fusion. This adaptive energy is developed by a lousy little grain of sand or pebble (Uranus) in the shoe (motion device - Jupiter), or tongue that causes constant irritation.

Agitation is a powerful contributor towards a better end after all necessity is the mother of invention. Use this natural disposition to loop a perfect strand of pearls from the discourse and disarray. In so doing one gains in opulence and luminosity. Let there be light!

That's my take on that aspects and I know I'll be crushing carbon to unlock or harvest my lucky stones, real or metaphorical.

Uranus will ultimately win the battle over the many dysfunctional structures in our world that hold us apart. Both planets bring generational shifts, individually and collectively. Jupiter always finds a way to get something better out of his disasters once the storm is past tense.

The end in this cycle hands the Dragon folks their formal power as it winds down in the early, Spring  2011. Uranus will then "sit" exalted in the Dragon for 7+ plus years to follow. The Dragon side of this comes on quite strong and heady. Prepare for expansive, new growth.

Posting your Lucky Stars on the zodiac wheel for this cycle and until I can get a chance to do-it again ~ Good Luck!!

Rat - (aka: Sagittarius, mongoose, mouse)

Love Luck & Money Stars fly here!! But they can go either way. Depends of if you are on your path or still seeking approval elsewhere. Peach blossom luck (love & money & popularity) combines with the perpetual motion star. Stay focused or get off the merry go round. Every thing repeats itself so keep the working systems clean and lean. Expect that what you put in is what will keep coming out on the other end.

Ox - (aka: Capricorn, buffalo, cow) - transits: Pluto (fate)

Not so lucky... the illness and danger star bring distress. Two many parts don't fit the whole and you'll be left wanting. Keep a very low profile and attend to health issues and security concerns. Don't go looking for trouble.
Tiger - (aka:Aquarius) - transits: Neptune (harmony/illusion)

Unlucky Stars ride here and nothing seems to take hold. Wish I could give you more but it won't stay. Whatever I write keeps disappearing... into the vortex.

Hare - (aka: Pisces, cat, rabbit, fish) - transits: Jupiter (benefic), Uranus (chaos)

Unlucky stars have a swamp monster paying you a visit. To harness the good here depends on you keeping things light, dry and above board. There is no getting around this bend in the road. Sit it out you risk sinking further underground for too much weight. Remember an end is really the start of a pattern that you can design for yourself. Selecting fresh ideas now will accelerate the new features in your world as the seasons evolve. Right now let something end so another thing can begin. This is best done in a quiet, sanctuary space.  

Dragon - (aka: Aries) - transits: Jupiter (benefic), Uranus (chaos), Moon (moods)

Danger star (aka: entertainment) here is either super, scary good or super, scary bad!! The lucky sum-of-ten can be tapped but not easily. The quarrelling star takes up too much reserve energy so stay off the ropes. Use this wood star to fashion a balance of elements making tools and weapons unrivaled in any format. Scrap off those dead scales to find new resources under the accumulated layers. Don't let the dust settle on anything that needs attending, keep going forward. Don't get bogged down.

Serpent - (aka: Taurus, snake)

Unlucky stars are overvalued. They have only a neutral, net zero effect when you play your cards right. The magic sum-of-ten can be quite handy in the end zone. Lots of cross-over brings the pain of growth through change. Conditions are not static. Balance retreat with an advance. Don't resist this aspect the numbers fly off the charts. Instead use it to embrace what you've been resisting. The energy is moving away instead of towards your greater good. Shed that old skin. Then use the new you to to slink around with seamless flexibility and superior intentions.

Horse - (aka: Gemini)

Super lucky money stars ride roughshod through your quarter!!! There's excessive chatter on the line so use this extra energy wisely. One wouldn't want too much gibberish or gossip getting in the way of your realization of a brighter future. Also watch for any type of excess especially with electrical functions, they may throw off a back charge or unexpected kick. The after affects of this aspect are stellar. Politics are off limits, caution to stay out of that arena. Money goes the long way round but gets to you sooner than later.

Goat - (aka: Cancer, sheep, deer)

The Miracles and Income Stars combine with an already unstable set of circumstances. This can give way to a ray of hope or show a a light at the end of the tunnel. Follow this lead my fetlock, friend. Don't stray off looking to get in at any greener, pastures. They are all riddled with sink holes and full of trouble you don't see now and won't want later. Borrow your horsey buddies blinders and stick to the well trod path or stay on the lead line.

Monkey - (aka: Leo)

Lucky is as lucky does. Double down when the time is right. There is a wild, untamed talent awaiting your attention. On some level it corresponds to you although in some manner you may have disowned it. Still like a homing pigeon it comes back. It appears to belong to you. When you find or discover this natural artifact (under your nose) give it your all and it will repay you in like kind, gladly. Wow, you have no idea yet how lucky this can get!

Bird - (aka: Virgo, Phoenix, rooster) - transits: Mercury (messenger)

Lucky ducky!!! Heaven luck and magic, money miracles combine to feather your nest quite, nicely. This years harvest (finally) delivers a whole bonanza of opportunities and possibilities. Looks like lots of funding goes along with this super-jumbo pack of golden, apples and pantry goodies. Harvest your field of potential now while it is ripe with luscious fruits.

Dog - (aka: Libra, lion) - transits: Saturn (time), Sun (image), Mercury (messenger), Autumnal Equinox

The skittish lucky stars here are very tough to nail down. Long, hard, narrow views are limiting in their scope. The good graces you have cultivated seem to be keeping you buoyant even in the roughest waters. Keep up the good work and let the rest go. There is a lot you'll learn when you relax the ego and the need to seek approval. Do not try to take control. Dogs would do well to stay out/or off the court. Do not cross over borders uninvited and keep off private property or risk being sent to the pound.

Pig - (aka: Scorpio, Boar) - transits: Mars (energy), Venus (love & luxe)

Love sizzles along with some mixed blessings and dark stars. Stay cool and near the primal source of your well-being. Cycles are playing well off one another even if it seems like a ping pong match. There is unpredictability at various stages on the other side of this coin. Certain situations will require a nice pair of kid gloves. Go easy - tread lightly. Be mindful of how you mix the components. Build a wider view and lay out a grand scheme. Then tie the split-ends together to bridge the conscious realm to your next plateau. A good ending sends you off toward a new beginning. Brighter channels and expansive avenues that open-up in your favor are coming soon!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New Monkey Moon

New Monkey Moon August 9, 2010.

This dark Monkey (aka: Leo) moon is pregnant with endless possibilities. Exotic yet familiar, real yet undefined, simple yet strange (beyond belief) and filled with a mountain of purpose. A shroud of mystery cloaks its internal potential in a formless mold that fulfills desires and spins gold.

So "do" take a chance to harness this new moon energy to serve your selected choices and tender offerings on the table. Don't waste a minute to jump through hoops, scale the summit and hurl yourself at a worthy target.

Make change happen like a shot out-of-a-cannon or risk being tied to some alternative, less desirable agenda until early Spring 2011.

The message is to take action now, don't wait any longer. Then hold back as the month winds down in order to (correctly) complete what you've already started.

Mercury goes retrograde on August 20, 2010 and as soon as that happens things will feel as though the are spiraling down or out of control.

This is for the for review and re-visioning period required to make changes sustainable. It is quite reasonable to revisit and recalibrate our desires to avoid unnecessary grief. Take your time.

Once the planet of communication (transportation and commerce) begins its station (suspended motion) on or about the late hours of the 8/18 we are going to immediately have our hands full settling "old scores" well into early fall. Everyone's got a bone to pick.

Whatever you can get prepped and ready for delivery at this stage will be exactly what shows up on the other side. There is no doubt this eclectic, drama-rama taking shape must in some fashion play itself out.  Choose your roles carefully and by all means and methods begin to exercise more options in your master plans.

There is no denying it's a tricky business out there and no time to waste.

We have a potent, celestial cocktail of outer rim planets making demands in the most extenuating set of circumstances. The inner rim heavenly bodies are bringing this cosmic stew to a roiling boil. Stuff will rise to the surface that appears alarming from certain perspectives.

Don't go bananas with it all, stay cool and collected. Use grace under pressure.

There is scant room for compromise and no progress without it. Flex and bend, don't break. It won't hurt one bit to keep a lighthearted, playful approach on tap for all occasions.

You can make your worst mistakes your crowning glories through the genius of transformation and a gallant effort. Collaborate, coordinate, deliberate and create, create, create! The Monkey is a magnificent designer and not just another pretty, wall flower.

For an odd moment in the late summer months it could seem as though your perpetual motion machine is just not working.

But trust me... in due time the good energy you invest will cycle back, round. Then you'll be glad you did, what you did to support your highest aspirations and grandest schemes.

This moon-ish madness is sizzling, sexy hot too!

New partnerships have a special context as yet underdeveloped. Ambiguity and danger lurks on the edges of the tracks leading to a rare, hidden treasure. However it can be hard to wait-and-see what you've got going when it comes to showing-and-telling. I do sympathize with this dilemma.

This is all very titillating and tantalizing... and I'm a bit prudish on this dynamic. I suggest that you look before you leap even though you may be inclined to just close your eyes and dive in.

A rush of pure physical chemicals may feel like love-at-first sight and soul mates for-life. But in reality it is ONLY a biological "signal" that our bodies are geared toward fitness for reproduction with another persons chemistry. That makes love easy to start and fast to the finish line. In love, give yourself more than a fairy tale, emotional response to go on.

True love is presumably more a mature art than child's play. A keen insight (and perhaps old fashioned values like courage and bravery) and refined, self awareness help keep the flame of passion going all night where no one gets burned.

Take this as a cautionary note (on  quagmires and shallow ponds...) if you want something more than a "brief" (scantily clad) encounter with your hearts contentment. Set-the-trend (tune the dial) for more to evolve in a conscious way and do this before you take the plunge into the deep end. Or accept the consequences of a rash act.

From my view this fabulous moon is our last, best hope to rescue our favored ambitions with a bold, stroke of luck.

Fortunately it is filled with enough monkey shines and magical mayhem to easily, shake fruits from the money tree if we even try.

Clever, calculating talent will set the stage in a fresh, limelight of raw material beyond the bare bones we have become accustomed to. Feel free to step right up!

A virtual, silver lining appears to protect and prosper our lady Luna as she crosses the brightest sunspot on our horizon to the promised land.

There isn't a better time to have something to do and then do it!

Those who like to prepare for success will be benefited by the extra dose of good fortune contained in this void phase. The kind that is derived from extending blind faith in the face of great challenges.

The mystical monkey always wins when his/her energy is married to supremely, high expectations and purely, practical methods. Glide through this slipstream with equal parts, focused determination and reckless abandon. Tread that thin line to cross the wasteland to the other side.

Majestic and rich are the rewards of this primal resource to infuse and enhance your lucky stars from now until  I've got time for the next posting. Good Luck!

Rat - (aka: Sagittarius)
X marks the spot where you'll find the buried treasure, good luck and happy hunting. An excess of too much social luck can spoil the best laid plans. No one likes a flake unless it's part of a pie crust. This great energy is really best reserved for use by the compassionate triad (hare, goat & pig) to manage bigger public ideals and for the East house folks to get an edge on their lofty expressions. Small money is a big opportunity you can take the the bank, daily if you are not too busy just making the scene.

Ox - (aka: Capricorn, cow, buffalo) / transits: Pluto (fate) (retrograde 4/6 to 9/16)
Lots of noise is being made about the bad juju of some pretty knarly stars banging around in this quarter. When you see the larger view it all connects the dots to expand our world and help us let go of the dead past. The sequence does plays out and return to good. But cows can be guilty of bringing it all up over and over again. This is really not the best course through this tough patch. Stay on the bright side of the road and let bygones be gone.

Tiger - (aka: Aquarius) / transits: Neptune (harmony/illusion) (retrograde 5/31 to 11/6)
Take no prisoners and serve no master but your own or you can get locked into something you never intended. Minding the store with a relentless grind can deadlock the process so take a breather and pace yourself, regularly. Your invisible enemy is stubborn pride so soften and recondition your mind, naturally. Then follow the logical sequence out to where the magical sum-of-ten overcomes the worst case scenario to a better end. Piggy friends benefit greatly. 

Hare - (aka: Pisces, cat, rabbit, fish) / transits: Uranus (chaos) (retrograde 7/5 to 12/5)
There is lots of fussing and fighting going on in this direction. The lucky stars are like cats and dogs, nipping at heels and scratching at the furniture. Take a long extended holiday and stay off the beaten path. The days are going to be most delightful when you don't short cut people, places or things in word or deed. Just go the distance and be glad about it.

Dragon - (aka: Aries) / transits: Jupiter (increase) (retrograde 7/23 to 11/18)
The best tools are fashioned from the adversity that confronts us in our hour of great need. Let the intentions that no longer serve you be the first thing you cut ties with and not the people and things that have merit and usefulness. Everything does not have to be black and white, rich or poor, short or long. I'd find the happy middle and stay there if I were you.

Snake - (aka: Taurus, snake)
Cut a valley through your mountain of impossible and implusible circumstances to turn the page and begin a new story. The odd bits and pieces will come together easily and effortlessly in new ways you never imagined when you let go of your death grip on the concepts. Don't cut away too much or fail to severe ties to the dead wood cleanly. In so doing new growth will emerge over night, instantly. In matters of the heart you can expect some big shifts in your thinking. Tread lightly.

Horse - (aka: Gemini)
Runaway trains of thought may be keeping you up at night and holding you hostage to the noisy battles that rage on in your daily dos. This years damp stars here have not suited your refined tastes or placid state of harmony. There is nothing that can be done to improve this until you make the change in your own state of mind. There is a contradiction in the terms of agreements that needs to be laid to rest. This topic begins and ends with you. Once you remove this blight you can go back to tilting at windmills and taking right turns at every bend in the road.

Goat - (aka: Cancer, sheep, deer)
While there may be plenty to complain about most of the time it is not the best remedy for what ails you. The lucky stars are set-up in a pattern that either goes to higher ground or gets stuck in the harsh realities of outmoded thinking. Get and keep a fresh mindset to rework the ideals that may have gotten bogged down in the intricate trappings of your inner most desires. It's not that your world will not serve your every wish and good desire. It is your constant, reflective thoughts that are projecting what you see (good or bad) laid out in front of you.

Monkey - (aka: Leo) / transits: Sun (image), New Moon (yin moods)
The stars here must stay on the move or they stagnate. To generate lucky perks and cultivate success one is advised to keep the energy flowing and circulating. Don't get tied down to any one thing, just yet. Go to the trouble of playing all your cards right. Even if you already know what you want don't rush in and grab it. Keep tuned to your higher state of mind and let it meet you half way. The real crime is if you miss all the golden goose eggs simply because you had sticky fingers instead of a steady hand.

Bird - (aka: Virgo, Phoenix, rooster) / transits: Mercury (messages) (Exalted) (retrograde 8/20 to 9/12)
This is not as bad as it may look. In fact there is a great chance that a phenomenal design solution is the potential by product of this complex marriage. The elements and contradictions surrounding this inflow and outflow of creative energy lend an awkward and dangerous risk to the process. However it would be a mistake to let that stop you from making an approach on this jungle landing strip. The possibilities in this wild environment are crystalline in nature. Keep a wide open mind and do the diligence. It could really pay off.

Dog - (aka: Libra, lion) / transits: Saturn (time), Venus (love & luxe), Mars (energy)
For a select few things continue rather smoothly. But not all dogs will fare the same through this transit point. Your lucky stars have quite a dramatic effect taking place. One that multiplies factors in both directions. Too much of a good thing can wear you thin, ragged or doggedly dumb as you chase your tail in circles going nowhere. Rest and proper peer reviews can help curb the power trips you may be taking. Stop trying to do all, be all and have all. Instead see whatever you have as more than enough then start building resources from what is on hand and not from the pie-in-the sky. Unless it's a Whimsday.

Pig - (aka: Scorpio, boar)
The buck stops here and takes another lucky spin on the wheel for a jackpot win. There is also strong possibility of hitting a lusty, hot spot for love and money luck.  Chances are riding high, though rather slim so seek the high ground in these dicey matters. Take your best guess, aim or shot at the things you most desire and don't break anything more than the dumb habits that no longer serve you. Know thyself. Real truth and beauty is ageless and timeless for all eternity.  Miracles and lucky stars shine on and on for you!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Solstice 2010

Happy, Happy Summer Solstice 2010!!

With so many big changes in the cosmic landscape going on I'm breaking down my structural set-up around this blog. A set-up which is clearly not happening or operating as intended, but no worries...

In honor of the planet Uranus (chaos) entering (on May 27, 2010) into the Dragon (instills longevity) after an 84 year cycle through our planet's celestial wheel, it is time to strike a whole new chord.

The planet Uranus is considered to be exalted in the zodiac sign of the Dragon (aka: Aries). So in line with this planet's big, bold move I'm deconstructing all conceptual framework and going freestyle.

Uranus will quite literally destroy the systems that impede it's progression over the course of a 7.5 year tour, and does not officially begin until March 2011.

Already we have witnessed a dramatic change in leaders shifting power. Towers that tumbled and uncontrolled spills will give way to an even wider set of destructive possibilities than we could ever have imagined.

But the same holds true for breaking free of constraints that can initiate productive leadership outside of any false, shiny wrapper.

I'll begin posting randomly rather than following moon stages. In that way I can alter the landscape of my own world, in my own fashion and mode and hopefully... in spite of my ongoing, intense workload.

My focus here remains posting details on the Zodiac and the Lucky Star (fields of energy) patterns for each sign. I invite you to ask questions about the things you'd like to know, now.

Also I'd love to see you at my upcoming, public event:

Luck Dragon's with China Rose @ Eden for downtown Santa Barbara's 1st Thursday on July 1, 2010. A cultural event of art, wine & entertainment from 5:00 pm to 8:00 in pm. Eden is next door to the Wildcat (meow) so please RSVP & join us for the exclusive Art Show.

Also in just few days on June 26th we will have a partial Lunar eclipse in the sign of the Ox (governs status) (aka: Capricorn) which will collapse the status quo. This aspect seems small but goes long, is deep, dark and can leave you frozen, out in the cold.

The cow (aka: Ox, Capricorn, buffalo) chews it's cud so expect things to come up that if not checked as baggage can drag on and on. Especially with work related production matters. Expect to see a shift on the grid and patterns declining after a burst effect.

Spirited Birds (aka: Phoenix, Virgo, rooster), slinky Serpents (aka: Taurus, snake) and of course the Lucky ducky, Rat (aka: Sagittarius, mongoose, mouse) will fare better, above the rest.

A few hail and hearty Dragons (aka: Aries) have earned a free hall pass. My home loving Goat's (aka: Cancer, sheep) do take caution as to not get locked into a situation you can't get out of. Hold your cards and don't jump into the fray or agree to anything, yet.

The dwarf planet, Pluto (fate) sits at the early zero point (emptiness) in the Ox (status) as Earth (substance) passes between a rock, the full (yang) Moon (moods) in the Ox and a hard place, the Sun (image).

This transit upsets the apple cart in the marketplace and is akin to a pebble in the shoe or fly in the ointment. Best course is to stay calm and do not try to take any evasive or corrective action. Just ride the rapids.

The rest of the signs, Horse (aka: Gemini), Tiger (aka: Aquarius), Hare (aka: cat, Pisces, rabbit, fish), Monkey (aka: Leo), Dog (aka: Libra, lion) and Pig (aka: boar, Scorpio) keep in mind this eclipse brings things to a well-defined close. Don't let your fruits rot on the vine. Pick, then choose.

This eclipse has the control feature of something being written-in-stone. I don't recommend signing anything within the day before and after unless you are certain it should be everlasting and unyielding over time.

Let whatever it is go, gladly... regardless of circumstances. On the flip side, July 11th - just two weeks down the road we have it's mate, a brand New (yin) Moon (moods) Solar eclipse in the sign of the peaceful, Goat.

The good you thought you lost can be fully, restored when you bide your time well.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ox New Moon - Solar Eclipse

Ox New Moon ~ Solar Eclipse
This post takes us from our first new moon January 14th in the Ox sign to the full moon in the Monkey sign on January 29th.

We have a dense number of aspects and station changes with both inner and outer rim planets. They will be pushing through a tight funnel of time in the next few days and in the coming weeks. This jump starts some pretty significant, long running "cycles of change" over the long haul.

Use this regressive energy to complete, then double check paperwork and reconfigure your plans.

Our new moon (full yin) is conjoined to Pluto (fate) in the sign of the Ox (aka: Capricorn, buffalo, cow) with our Sun (image) and Venus (love & luxe) being blind sided (blind folded) or merged by the dark ecliptic shadow. Some thing is hidden from view.

One positive way to liken this ecliptic episode in time is that of a blacksmith. A craftsman who stokes the fires in the recesses of darkness with determination and grit to transform a lump of ore into a great work of art or into sturdy tools. The lump of ore is really a metaphor of the life you are co-creating with the divine, the blacksmith is your entitlement (or gift) that shapes or hinders your own character.

Dyed-in-the-wool, written-in-stone traditions will die hard through this influence. Basically this won't be so much about individual beings as it is about a new brand of social responsibility to the whole.

A cow or Ox sign is part of the mystical triad with the Snake and Bird signs and is secret buddies with the alchemist, trickster Rat. These signs should be keenly aware of what is behind the curtain as it benefits or debits them most.

The cow is a domestic (service oriented) barnyard animal and is considered sacred in the cosmic wonder. Find or create your own sanctuary (pasture) to become objective (digest), not subjective (reactive) about life. Making (or remaking) yourself useful or integral to a process is the key to realizing gains at this juncture.

Expect leadership roles of great power to shift poles behind the scenes and something affecting the masses (or herd) will be heavily veiled in secrecy. It is ill advised to sign on the dotted line under these celestial conditions. Wait until after the full phase of this winter solar eclipse has passed after January 17th for things to stabilize.

Through this dark phase hunt for bargains, tap resources, make-do, find clever solutions, restructure components, rethink strategy and retool your methodology. Matching up all the left-over odd bits provide us with vital clues to locate any missing puzzle pieces.

There is quite a lot of turbulence and pent up stress in the features of these cosmic patterns and they are being front loaded into this years cycle. Tread lightly, but do so at a brisk pace.

Adding another layer of complexity to the configuration in the Ox sign is the Planet Mercury (messenger). Our messenger planet of commerce and transportation shifts gears and returns from retrograde (back spin) on January 15th. Current and former delays will now give way to the next step to making a fresh start.

During the Mercury station days (suspended animation) on January 14th and 16th there could be an overload of pressures on operational systems in the work force. This will likely slow motion or bring about a "delayed reaction" of some kind in the markets and of course clog our roadways.

The darkness of our new moon eclipse casts a shadow upon itself, so ladies please stay in a protective mode. In business and in making life altering change be prudent and take a "wait-to-see" approach.

Repeating circumstances are simply a by product of your own unconscious acts. They can only be altered by shifting your heart and mind into alignment with a true sense of purpose, like your divine plan. Give it a try and let me know if you need any help with that.

Just in time for the Cosmic New Year on January 17th the coast is suddenly clear. Earth makes it's own revolution and celebrates it's own solar year marked by the annual transition of Jupiter, the great Benefic.

The Grand Duke, Jupiter officially moves onward into the sign of the Hare (aka: Pisces, cat, rabbit, fish) for 2010. This motion provides our lucky kitties (and furry friends) with some instant relief from the overwhelming, hindsight they have been dragging around.

The following day, on January 18th our lady, Venus will move into the eccentric sign of the Tiger (aka: Aquarius) where she immediately begins to restore some common ground to our battered, emotional shores.

Jupiter's move forward ends the six month Neptune conjunction that fueled an evolution in our consciousness. Neptune (harmony), now on his own sits like a noble king in the late stages of the Tiger awaiting the arrival of Venus. They will reunite to awaken their inner passions and become fully rejuvenated by the transit of the Sun that starts on January 19th.

With Jupiter's arrival comes a huge sigh of relief to what now amounts to a scorched, war zone. He moves in where we have just seen seven years of a living hell under the reign of Uranus. While in the bunny sign the planet Uranus (chaos) has been in detriment and he made his bitter, unhappiness well known.

By the end of May our planet Uranus (chaos) finally leaves the Hare (aka: Pisces, cat, rabbit, fish) and moves into it's most exalted state in the Dragon (aka: Aries) sign. This is where we will see a new line of scrimmage take place. The scuffle will be dramatic but short lived and by next year (March 2011) a new Dragon style leadership will prevail.

Good news is that after that point in time our compassionate rabbit (aka: Hare, Pisces, cat, fish) friends will not see Uranus again in this lifetime. This planet takes 84 years to complete the twelve stations on our celestial wheel. It will be a victorious "homecoming" for all the critters in the garden patch.

Be advised Mars (energy) remains in retrograde motion in the sign of the Monkey until early March. So keep your wild ambitions on a short leash and do not rattle the cage. Temper, temper, control your emotions or they will control you. Hold back on BIG until you have a working scale model to draw from.

There are also a number of destructive patterns that begin long running transits this year. One to watch for begins January 31st when Saturn (time) in the Dog squares off against Pluto (fate) in the Ox sign. This weighs a heavy toll on the many and there are ways we can lighten the load as we migrate forward.

For that purpose I've posted your Lucky Stars and where to find them for the Zodiac signs on the wheel in this cycle. Good luck and Happy Cosmic New Year!

Please check back soon... I'll be updating the Flying Stars (fields of energy) for the Chinese Solar New Year, February 4th. And posting details about the Chinese Lunar New Year in the White Tiger which begins on Valentine's day February 14th.

Rat - (aka: Sagittarius, mouse, mongoose)
Success arrives with small money luck and magic miracles that can be harvested incrementally. Projects that are repetitious are most beneficial and a garden-variety hobbyist can strike gold in in his own workshop. An abundance of caution is noted here so stay clear of any and all unnecessary risks and lock up your good to avoid loss or theft. Keep a vigil over your heart's content.

Ox - (aka: Capricorn, buffalo) - transits: New Moon (full yin) Solar Eclipse, Sun (image), Venus (love & luxe), Mercury (messenger) and Pluto (fate)
There is a healthy dose of heaven luck that delivers you a field of plenty that can tide you over for quite some time. Be careful not to squander it on gripping and complaining or being down in the mouth. All of these factors significantly reduce your luck potency and can hinder right progress. Remember every experience in your outer world is simply a by product of your own inner thoughts.

Tiger - (aka: Aquarius) - transits: Neptune (harmony/illusion), Venus (love & luxe)
Heaven luck distributes a huge advantage bundled with excellent opportunities directly to you. However the caveat to finding fulfillment that meets (or exceed) your desires depends on how well you prioritize your values. Don't mistakenly kill the goose to appease someone else. Gratitude is the attitude known to attract more good, most often. Avoid all disputes like the plague or you'll chase away your most favored status.

Hare - (aka: Pisces, cat, rabbit, fish) - transits: Uranus (chaos), Jupiter (increase)
Victory luck and small miracles arrive to boost your income and social life. The mean and lean days of late may have left you wanting more instead of appreciating what is at hand. This can scare away your date with destiny or worse attract decline. There are good days ahead and the time to appreciate them is before they materialize. Constantly, practice feeling worthy of what you really want. When your true thoughts rest there habitually you will find yourself much farther up the pay scale, automatically.

Dragon - (aka: Aries)
Lucky stars align to create the magic sum of ten. This brings you great success and good fortune in financial matters to meet challenges in the marketplace, face to face. The trick is to extract equity in holdings and property of value by shifting your strategy and energy into new venues. These are prime, peak conditions to establish (a new) long term, growth pattern. Reposition you investments by first upgrading the quality of thoughts that you keep about them. If it can be done only you can do it.

Serpent - (aka: Taurus, snake)
The super lucky sum of ten makes your zone the sweet spot for overcoming all obstacles to success. The growth factors are exponential when properly tapped and trade secrets pan out big time. The day to day details may appear to weak or complicated on the surface but apply your new found formula and watch the results develop overnight. This is not for the faint of heart so avoid mixing business with the very young or declining, elderly.

Horse - (aka: Gemini)
Caution, the danger star brings misfortune in your hour of glory. I'd dim the lime lights and lay low to keep from attracting the wrong kind of attention that leads to trouble. The main thing here is to not squander your vitality and goodwill over something that is petty and pointless. What you fight to get you fight to keep and often times accidentally end up destroying. Know and speak your truth or spend more time finding it.

Goat - (aka: Cancer, sheep, deer)
Money Luck abounds and the good multiplies at every step in the process. There is strong indicators of phenomenal success being born out of this set of lucky stars. Though there is so much to manage it may seem a daunting task. But measured out in some special (almost elite) manner allows access to the underlying data that can bank you an endless fortune in residual, afterglow. Suit up for success and it will follow you everywhere.

Monkey - (aka: Leo) - transits: Mars (war god, energy) (retrograde until 3/7)
Heaven luck brings windfalls of money luck that open double doors to a whole new world of opportunity. Be careful how you use this mojo since it multiplies your possibilities and increases fertility in either direction, good or bad . If you'd like to add to your family this is the time to relax and let nature takes it's course. Or to get the biggest bang from your buck apply this energy to your craft, trade or skill and allow a fresh approach to take you in a new directions.

Bird - (aka: Phoenix, Virgo, rooster)
The lucky stars are not auspicious for you right now so "don't press your luck" as they say. That button on the console is not functioning properly in the present mode. No sense driving yourself crazy or allow anyone else to do so. Any added pressure now could collapse a weak link in the system leading to a flat tire on the dream machine. Bide your time tending to your own knitting for awhile. Stay away from creepy types since the usual birds-of-a-feather rule, applies.

Dog - (aka: Libra, lion) transits: Saturn (time)
Big love and money luck ride off into the sunset and enter stage left into your world of possibilities. There is uncharted territory to be explored in both areas. First we must empty our cup of knowing-ness to make room for the answers to our oldest questions. Saturn will be squaring off big time for a blood feud and what we dictate to others relegates us to a role. Your big, bonanza lucky stars can over ride the drama when you rise above and let go of control.

Pig - (aka: Boar, Scorpio)
The genii is out of his bottle... you get the bonus pack, lucky-in-love stars with super money luck. Flip the "switch" in your thinking to stream good fortune directly to the bank, day and night, night and day. A mystery romance will reveal it's secrets to you and only you, so best be ready for it. Your superior money luck is a direct result of endless sleuthing that has lead you to the wellspring. Now that you know the source you can help yourself anytime.