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Pig New Moon ~ November 16, 2009

Pig New Moon - November 16, 2009

Posting from Pig New Moon, November 16, 2009 to Horse Full Moon December 1, 2009.

Today we go ahead in reverse drive. The pignacious-ness of this moon is highly refined with an extra-strength, potency vibe. Complicated to the core, this boar will be running amok in cosmic dust from the get-go.

Our late, fall Pig New moon arrives V/C (void-of-course, meaning makes no connections) from just before noon until past bedtime (9:45PM PST). So get it done early, if it needs doing or else don't write anything in stone. Otherwise when the chemistry is altered you'll have to retake the test. 

Get focused and organized or step to the end of the line, it's that simple. Folks will be chasing their ducks around in a line. Life tutors, mentors and other assorted sundry, surrogate types and stripes will be on call to fill-in the gaps.

The planets (Jupiter & Neptune are in the Tiger carving out abstract angles with Venus, Sun & Moon in his secret buddy, the Pig sign) are aligned in such-a-way as things may not appear in the form you had intended... "take a step back, the ocean is broad and the sky is vast" the Tao. This special alignment is brief and only made possible by this rare conjunctive event.

For a limited time only people, places and things can leave long-lasting, romantic impressions. Deep connections in research are made and sonar picks up a blip from the neither regions. We are nearing the 2nd act and going into an extended intermission, winter is close at hand.

Success in these transits is known to follow those who are hospitable and gracious with an unwavering pursuit of better ends. Initially these aspects come off as a real tightrope act if you are just trying to get something done rather than make another practice run. The energy here-and-now is all about new beginnings infused with future references. Save the finishing touches for once you get the ball rolling.

A dark Madonna has our Lady Venus standing by along with the Mr. Sunshine to promise rainbows on the other side of our darkest moments in time. There is plenty of support with this aspect so ask for it, you'll need every ounce of it. Let down your guard and get on with it.

This little piggy goes all the way to market with the Sun and Venus adding super antioxidants and retro booster rockets to our moon's invisible, aura of influence. Initially it's going to be a shot in the dark so take your best aim and let arrows fly.

With a renewed sense of effort and a keen observation one can uncover opportunities even from the wreckage of the worst life disaster. If you look for the invisible thread called "the presence" then things will pull together, where once they fell apart.

Ultimately, you can win out against all odds. Neck-bending, hindsight will not track you forward. A determined, foresight and vision free of constraints is the best way to tee off onto this fairway.

The bonus factor on board is a sure bet for seekers making total transformations. Our vixen, Venus can shape-shift even the ugliest ducky into a rare gem and beauty to behold.

A just-in-time space continuum builds an ultra-dimensional, gravitational pull toward new frontiers with only a rough (thumbnail) sketch on the platform. Sometimes an exaggerated sense of things to come provides the leverage you need to negotiate a good deal! Map it out.

Through the whirling haze of these daunting configurations in our milky way assert yourself and be an active dynamic in your designs on life. Something is far better than nothing, that's the rule. Work with what you've got on hand, shoot for the moon and waste not one second on what is for naught.

Here are your Lucky Stars through this moon phase for each of the zodiac positions on the equatorial clock. 

Rat - (aka:  Sagittarius, mouse) - transits: Mercury (messenger), Sun (image) on 11/20
Don't risk disappointment and accidental failures it is time to pull out the stops and be happy, now! Fun and games, sporty, worldly ways with a youthful spirit toward all life in general gives you the razors edge you've been looking for. Use it to cut through the red tape that allows your big ideas to ripen. Everything will come together quickly when you apply the first rule and break-it-all-down, taking it step by step. Money flows dependent upon how well you circulate it yourself. Do unto others long before you expect a favor to be returned. Give it time and good bounces back ten fold. Lucky Stars are good to risky, don't be to casual with safety.

Ox - (aka: Capricorn, cow, buffalo) - transits: Pluto (fate)
You are able to leap over mountains and afford slip streams of income (aka: manna) to accomplish great things with ease in this cycle. Be not afraid to strap on the yoke. Take a firm grip on the mantle of power and ready the ground for planting anew life. There will be set backs to bear as we move through the frozen wonder of the dark slumber but once we awaken we will find the table is already set. Contemporary and traditional you can't have, they are off the menu. I know you had your heart set on it but instead you get bio-diversity and cultural controversy. If I know you, you're already singing it's merits and tapping it's tune. Lucky stars shine for you!
Tiger - (aka: Aquarius) - transits: Jupiter (increase), Neptune (consciousness)
You have a great bunch of sticky, lucky stars with backup plasma factors in case any of them dim in the slightest. Sure there are tense moments and tough measures to be hashed out over the long haul but you are a professional, that's what you get paid for. Plus this kind of friction goes with the whole, new fusion territory. Who do you think you're fooling? Tiger's love to have something they drag back to the den and sink their claws into. You are doing them a favor to take this on. Trust me when you roar it turns everyone else into flakes and nuts for breakfast.

Hare - (aka: Pisces, cat, rabbit, fish) - transits: Uranus (chaos)
Your shelf life suddenly hits a peak, wholeness. Vibrantly colored possibilities splash across the scope of your dusky horizon and anticipation rises up to circulate around the core. Though not there yet, clearly a way is opening up for that all important jump factor. Bunnies know better than to leap before they look and cats have a reputation for landing on their feet, to keep. This year your bright instincts got dulled by dust clouds on the cows well trod, dirt path. Now you get to even the score. Lucky Stars bring big breaks with a light dusting of wish fulfillment.

Dragon - (aka: Aries)
The chemicals are still volatile in this mix but you've got a natural talent to manage this stew of conjectures thoughtfully and carefully. You won't be able to get away with what has worked before so toss out the old and get the newly evolved, edition of star patterns to guide you. You'll have plenty of dashing, love luck to go around even when you aren't looking. Cozy up to it sweetly. These Stars double down with a bonus savoir faire, more than you've ever dreamed possible. Stay tuned to the good side and watch the sunshine!

Serpent - (aka: Taurus, Snake)
Pushing turtles is one of the 7 highly effective habits of non resistance. Recent erratic shifts in the landscape unearthed reinforcements of hope and courage from an outside source to smooth the path. This has allowed you to actively pursue rather than casually peruse your better ends. And that's really the most important point, isn't it? What once seemed bad has really just lead you to a new cabbage patch, instead. Luck stars are Auspicious!!! Pull out all stops and go for it (u can thank me later) with absolutely everything to gain! Money reigns and peach blossom luck is in full bloom.

Horse - (aka: Gemini) - transits: full moon on 12/01
Well, well, well... it doesn't really get any better than this does it? Your lucky stars are brimming with positive waves and good vibrations at a solid rate and frequency. The cards fall in your favor with a royal flush that streaks from your personal life all the way through into your work drive. Success rates will look astounding on the charts and can be easily multiplied!  Ask and you shall receive. These gifts are divine so be sure and say grace.

Goat - (aka: Cancer, sheep, deer)
Lay the groundwork properly you've been riding hard and driving fast. The AHA moment in time you ordered has finally arrived making you a power driven, dynamo with energy to spare. You don't mind doing it all and being it all, that's what gives you a deep, sense of security and paves the way for your future to unfold. Lucky Stars display mixed results and are a bit lack luster in this time frame. You'll need to screen for contaminants, consistently. Be advised to get extra rest and seek stress relief. Hold down the fort and take it easy.

Monkey - (aka: Leo) - transits: Mars (energy)
Find the solution to the puzzle if it takes you all night and day to do it. The very essence of your life seems to depend upon it. Strangely enough words like discipline and conscious efforts are becoming music to your ears. You relish the chance to bite off the bigger piece and don't mind going the extra mile and half to go, get-it! Peel only one banana at a time, my friend and stick to it. Lucky Stars bring mixed blessings so lay low to keep healthy and refrain from the usual hi jinx.

Bird - (aka: Virgo, Phoenix, Rooster)
A waking dream carries you forward to a new evolution of yourself. Your lucky stars shine dim on the horizon. Your near future is freshly plucked from the shadows of lost and forgotten dreams in a spirit quest. Angels swoop in for a rescue and yet another battle begins. Even if you are a first responder stay on the sidelines and out of the lime light if you know what's good for you. To turn the tide and rid yourself of all the backwash remember it's what you send out that is always showing up on your shore. Lucky Stars are perilous - avoid all risk.

Dog - (aka: Libra, lion) - transits: Saturn (time)
Time is on your side if you'd just quit borrowing it from the future to cover the past. The lucky stars have loaded the deck with extra special shiny stars that last and last and last. It's the little things that really add up to something. A hill of beans can grow overnight into fields of plenty with all the extra-potent, heaven luck you've got for fertilizer. Leave picking through the leftovers to signs like the rat. While you are on a roll stay long and go deep at the table. Lucky Stars deliver the goods in great measure. Play politics and make public relations out of practically, everyone. Deputize yourself and lead the pack.

Pig- (aka: Scorpio, Boar) - transits: Sun (image), Moon (moods), Venus (love and luxe)
Delightfully unaware our super sonic, sleuth manages to despoil the diabolical plans of the underworld by some unintended, consequential twist. Our unassuming hero is worshiped for being the most disarmingly, charming investigator of the zodiac. Natural spunk and true grit are the secret ingredients that lead directly to your discoveries and unearth exactly what you wished for. Get out and about. Track down paradoxical clues to be drawn and quartered. Spin a yarn, the masses love a good mist-story. Superior Luck delivers the goods in full and on time. Be the Star.

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Serpent Full Moon - November 2, 2009

Serpent Full Moon, November 2nd, 2009

This post covers our Serpent Full (yang) Moon on November 2nd, 2009 to the Pig New (yin) Moon on November 16th, 2009.

Radical formations ripen into rare opportunities under this galactic influence. For those who solve the ageless, mystic riddle this moon presents (along with a special prize) they will discover an even bigger mystery lies waiting just below the surface. Here is my officially, published hypothesis and the true story of how our moon came to exist.

A billion or so years ago in another galaxy far away a planet that had once been very much like ours (but more highly evolved, of course) was rapidly collapsing into a gazillion pieces. It was becoming something called a white dwarf and nothing could stop it.

During the demolition of energy in dimensional space it blew completely apart. One of the larger chunks was thrown way out of bounds into another field of plane. This location just so happened to be our milky way. When it arrived here Earth was a desolate place, devoid of life and embroiled in a chemical, combustion fire from it's own core.

This fragment of an old world once teaming with life, such as our own was now just a whirling, post-organic mass, forsaken and forgotten. It was sucked in by Earth's formation of it's self by the severe electromagnetic, atmospheric storm currents surrounding our planet at that time.

As this visitor, an orphan of some other world slowed down and cooled further it settled and shifted motion. In so doing it literally spun out of energy and got trapped in a sub, lunar orbit. It no longer had a trajectory strong enough to propel it outward so it was locked into a lasting, harmonic co-dependency.

This wandering stranger's close encounter with our planet precipitated a dual action that helped to steady a once turbulent, young Earth to it's own, unique elliptic plane. Proving itself useful much like a counterbalance or cosmic ball bearing.

Loose bits of external debris began to come off the frozen, cosmic blob as hot solar winds smoothed and polished it's bumpy, icy surface. Raw, stellar compost fell through our atmospheric pressures, slipping through the cracks and fissures of our planets scabby, barren surface. Thus our pre-primordial ooze was planted with the castoff from a remote and lost civilization.

Bite sized chunks of frozen matter that had once hosted advanced life forms were sprinkled like seasoning into our boiling seas of mush. This added the key formative ingredients and vital components that we needed in order to evolve.

Our interstellar, happy accident with random chance transferred the essential components to "seed" the base mix with essential DNA, creations building block. An external crust and membrane formed rather quickly as a result and a new dawn broke in our history.

From the unfathomed contours of a dying world ours was born. The resurrection of life from a distant time and place began all over again. It is why we seek our home elsewhere and how we became a living growing, organism from a burning rock that invaded our space. It is why the moon is our mother.

Well that's obviously enough for now, perhaps in another post I can share stories of this other world civilization (where we came from)... if anyone out there wants to hear all those tall, tales. But for now here are your lucky stars for this moon cycle.

Rat - (aka: Sagittarius, mouse) rules the mind - transits: Mercury (messenger) 11/15
You are the lucky one on this merry-go-around and the circus is back in town. Luck stars deliver small miracles when and where you need them most. But you must train yourself to look for and recognize serendipity and her twin sister synchronicity to collect on the benefits, fully. Happiness is not a promissory note, you must cultivate the good and discard the bad. Don't let weeds grow in your garden plot keep the groundwork up to speed. Word travels fast and right now you'll be at your philosophical best so use that to your advantage. These luck stars have a sporty, dapper edge to them. Your love power to the nth degree may come as a surprise to you so be attentive and passionate with this personal resource, it is totally renewable. Money finds you so you can afford to be generous in spirit.

Ox - (aka: Capricorn, buffalo, cow) governs status - transits: Pluto (fate)
Growth factors increase your lucky advantage over all. But still you cannot shake that strange feeling that someone is looking over your shoulder watching your every move. Better get use to it since it will be needling you for the next few years. Use the power of love to connect the dots. To locate harmony within and without you will need strength to make some personal sacrifices. They are really only ego centric remains from your past so let go of control. It is easy to love what you love. Try to love what you hate and watch the dark areas in your world dissolve and be transformed. Move ahead to a new scene in the storyline. For too long you have been hung up on what isn't. You should realize by now you are getting exactly what you are expecting. Look around you to see what that expectation really is and then adjust your mindset accordingly.

Tiger - (aka: Aquarius) projects vision - transits: Jupiter (increase), Neptune (harmony)
Lucky stars go way beyond your wildest expectations to generate and regulate a new cash flow. This is the time to tap that well. It goes deep. Bigger than life, grander than grandiose a stroke of pure genius unfolds. This is all under the radar so keep a tight lid on it. Stay clear of any loose cannons rattling around. Only network on a tight ship. Too much self awareness can expand an unconscious, critical review that can be misleading and misconstrued. Do some digging, investigate and remain in an observational mode. Something is not what it appears to be. Avoid laying any claims that could later be revoked. Love takes a honeymoon adventure in a jungle setting. You are behind the eight ball so there is no need to take a shot until you feel steady and ready.  You don't need proof yet, only a good story.

Hare - (aka: Pisces, cat, rabbit, fish) saves grace - transits: Uranus (chaos)
To rid you of all the excess dust bunnies that have accumulated, unfettered in your nest your luck has been shaved bare. Down to the bone. It's turned out to be a whole crew cut instead of a light trimming of the staff. There is no sense arguing about it since nothing can be done until your fur coat grows back. When you are no longer overly upset about the inevitable you may see how this actually plays out to your better ends. Our worst challenges help us refine ourselves and develop character traits as tools for a greater realization and acceptance. Stir the pot and the contraband you seek will rise like cream to the top. Greater definition promotes a delightfully, brilliant solution so don't let yourself get bogged down in a funk. To the victor over doom and gloom goes the spoils.

Dragon - (aka: Aries) instills vitality
Ring the bell! Shine it on!! Your lucky stars are big, bright, juicy and bouncy. Being that you now have the mojo that makes you infinitely desirable to your good, please don't waste it on becoming a rock star. That is unless you like being chased and trampled on by a bunch of groupies gone wild. Sonar runs deep on this set of circumstances so please do not spend all your time in the cave, come out and play. Pure magic is beaming this sparkly kind of frosting on the pleasure zones in your life and times. It won't last forever so don't overdo. Only be your eccentric self up to a point after that be more romantic and peachy keen. Try not to be affected by all the hoopla, but enjoy it while it lasts. Strong growth patterns emerge through the transition phase, run your tests now. Money comes to you.

Serpent - (aka: Taurus, snake) distills wisdom - transits: Full Moon (yang moods)
All your Lucky Stars are at peak performance bringing an exalted state of being to everything you do. This benefit runs straight across the board through all phases and is designed to fit you like a glove. It may feel as if you discovered quicksilver in your backyard. Even if you don't have a backyard you'll find one of those or perhaps two. Literally and figuratively doors are opening up for you. The lucky star of infinity perpetuates your good fortune and combines it's energy with the peach blossom star of literary success and romance!! This brings added value to your top projects and makes social climbing a fun enterprise, as a natural artifact. Veils and veils of secrecy are draped around every point of view so that the real shape of things is restricted and revealed only to a select few.   

Horse - (aka: Gemini, twins) delivers power
Great lucky stars conspire to bring success in waves of adoration. This is a fusion of energetic combination's that can be quite exhausting. Be very elective and selective about matters. Too much of something one way or the other can leave you feeling used, like a stuffed shirt or overly compensating. Don't get me wrong this brings ballast to your projects and ideas, it's some long, leggy luck my friend. Just be sure that the substantive qualities override the hype. Under sell and over deliver, don't over sell and under perform. Of course my horses are ultra conservative to the core even when they are liberal minded on the side. They usually don't even saddle up for a race around the track without a healthy purse at stake and a generous feedbag awaiting them back at the barn.

Goat - (aka: Cancer, sheep, deer) desires peace
A lucky streak brings gold to the table that can be melted down and used for just about anything next month. For now you must be Miss Prudence with care and caution to lesson these damp star patterns and influences. The luck stars here are a tad salty and sour with a bitter aftertaste. This is a good period to lay low and take on all the meaty, weighty, tricky business you've been assigned to from behind the scenes. This is not the time to grab the limelight with an illness star gumming up the works. Stick close to the basic comforts of home and bide your time. Revel in this quiet period to get back in touch with the daily rituals that sustain and ground you.  No amount of pushing and shoving will achieve results only patience and understanding win out at the end of this cyclic row. Do the limbo.

Monkey - (aka: Leo) drives ambition - transits: Mars (energy)
The little pieces in your life that you thought were a bunches of useless leftovers turned inside-out (reverse the trend) become a virtual gold-mind of opportunity. Heaven luck still shines down upon you but there is a need to hold something back to max out your funding potential. Success likes to play hard to get. A well presented suggestion is better than being overly exposed to draw attention and will garner you a second look over the competition. The insignificant and mundane take on a new level of high interest through sheer cleverness. Right now bigger work may be left wanting so relax your standards and pass time with your favorite hobby craft to ease up on fault finding. Soak up the warm glow of the home and hearth where friendships are highlighted for care and consideration. Added, extra protection and a check of all security systems is strongly advised for children and newly inspired ideals and projects. 

Bird - (aka: Virgo, Phoenix, rooster, hen) esteems virtue
Just go to bed now and start taking your own temperature and checking vital signs. Get ready for a taste of your own medicine. Prep the infirmary with extra sick beds and have a spare hot water bottle handy. Stock the shelves with soup, crackers and fruit cocktails. The stars here are funky (sarp yit, the illness star meets the broken soldier) in a way that you don't even want to know. You must lock up these stars by creating a sanctuary and comfort zone for those coming in off the battle field of strife and strain. The first aid kit should be packed with plenty of good humor to help you recover from this ill spell and injurious, liability cycle. Don't get your guard up or let your guard down. Just stay poised and take preventative measures to gain any kind of ground you can muster. You won't see it coming so wear your suit of armor and carry lucky amulets to ward of danger and stay safe from harm. 

Dog - (aka: Libra, lion) serves duty - transits: Saturn (time)
Lucky you! The stars favor you in the best possible light through this cycle of change. Little things begin to really add up to something and heaven smiles on your best laid plans. Of course there is still the matter of all that unfinished business, but who can sit still for all that god awful nonsense. Feel free to chuck it all and make hay when the sun shines. You won't be disappointed. Lighthearted whimsy is the only way to shake and bake these karmic critters from your coat tails. Too much calculated effort is bringing you down with trials and tribulations that keep shifting your priorities aside. How can you score when the goal line is moving all the time. Justice is all about truth and beauty. Teamwork is a fair game so shoot straight from the hip to hit a bull's eye!

Pig - (aka: Scorpio, Boar) confers nobility - transits: Mercury (messenger), Sun (image), New Moon (yin moods) 11/16
Double luck ignites the bright spot you'd been hoping for instantaneously. It's like the sun rising on the dawn of a brand new day! There is a seductive new offer staring you in the face. Take it and be happy, don't let it slide. Don't get caught up or weighed down in past expectations over your present obsessions. Be wise and generous with yourself. Contrary to popular thought, in this case you have nothing to loose and everything to gain. There is a secret compartment that holds a key (objective) that goes with a map (plan or strategy) that leads to a door (opening/opportunity) and that is where you will enter the life of luxury you've always been looking for. Follow the simple steps as outlined and don't judge circumstances harshly. Pleasant situations and perfect set-ups can evolve rapidly under these star configurations. Just let it happen!