Sunday, October 4, 2009

Dragon ~ Full Harvest Moon

Posting your lucky stars bi-weekly, from moon to moon (Full Moon 10/3 to New Moon 10/17)

The late coming Harvest Moon this year falls in the Dragon (aka: Aries) sign on the equatorial clock, October 3, 2009

"It does not do to leave a Dragon out of your calculations, if you live near him"  J.R.R. Tolkien

This Harvest moon arrives late or in my estimation I see it as going long since Dragons have legendary, longevity. Often when things come late or later in life they are said to be sweeter and more potent.

Bigger than anticipated opportunities will arise out of the blue. New starts will have a greater shelf life than originally thought.

Dragon's own a leadership role, they blow the horn, ring the bell, sound the alarm and make whatever "noise" is required to be noticed. Dragon's don't do things quietly.

Even when they disappear to their lair (which is often) they can leave a deafening sound of silence in their wake.

Our moon is no wall flower motif it will build energy at the core of it's being that will come to some use or be expended in some direct fashion.

There is feisty opposition in this moon cycle (from full moon to new moon) as our sun sits opposite in the ever protective, Dog (aka: Libra, lion) sign. Stand on the right side or you could get dinged. 

You can expect peak performances and long lasting situations that develop out of some rather unusual circumstances.

Here are your Lucky Stars for all the zodiac signs in this moon cycle:

Rat - (aka: Sagittarius, mouse, mongoose)
Your lucky stars are under stress and strain. Rest is key to your success. Be watchful of contaminates in the mix. I suggest maintaining a sanctuary space or safety zone to avoid undue trauma and drama of all types.

Ox - (aka: Capricorn, buffalo) - transits: Pluto the Dwarf (fate)

Your lucky stars bring just the right kind of serendipity to all your love and business projects. To harvest this natural phenom remain calm and collected (nary a peep out of you) or you may scare it away. Just do that thing with your cow eyes.

Tiger - (aka: Aquarius) - transits: Neptune God of the Underworld (consciousness) and Jupiter, the Grand Duke (increase) - Note: Jupiter goes forward direct motion on 10/12
Your lucky stars show mixed blessings that will allow you to dip below the surface and "quietly" (ssssssh) pursue a prominent profile in a new venue. You can benefit by all the tiny miracles and synchronicity that flows to you. These are delicate, repeating aspects so go easy, stay steady and keep a lid on it.

Hare - (aka: Pisces, rabbit, cat, fish) - transits: Uranus (chaos)
Your lucky stars patterns are not fortunate in this cycle. Delays and postponements are strongly recommended. You may feel cut off from something but it will pass if you resist acting on that feeling. The upside of this is that brand new tools can be fashioned from persistent old problems. Circumstances are extenuating, stick to the letter of the law!

Dragon - (aka: Aries) - transits: Full Harvest Moon (10/3)
Your lucky stars look like the clashing of the titans. But there is still enough energy beaming and streaming windfalls and fairy dust to grant wishes for this year. Best policy is to not take things for granted (a Dragon's natural trait) and don't stand on principle or you could get knocked down a peg.

Serpent - (aka: Taurus, snake)
Your lucky stars may have you chained to a larger objective right now but it holds you in place long enough for some mighty, wonderful inspiration and love luck. Tiny sparks could start a fire in the passionate side of your super, silky, slinky self. Promotions aid career choices and increase riches on the other end of the spectrum for an exalted boost in your income status. (of course it's complicated)

Horse - (aka: Gemini)
Your lucky stars do not get any better than this! You already passed the test so don't go out on a limb if you know what's good for you. Publicity and honors will follow your footsteps to a new horizon. Bubbly, ideas will be brim over the pot's edge and generous accolades will enrich your sense of selflessness. Love stars sizzle!!!

Goat - (aka: Cancer, sheep, deer) - transits: Mars the war God (energy)
Your lucky stars offer a Cornucopia of love and bounty for your pantry this harvest season but you will be drained and strained by the slightest imbalance. Keep your toes warm, get well rested and stick to your favorite comfort foods to stave off the grouchies that lead to discourse and remorse. Peace, poise, power.

Monkey - (aka: Leo) - Mars the War God (energy) enters on 10/16
Lucky Stars bring growth opportunities that can only be engaged when you order off the menu or take something from the sides. The garden varieties you expected this season will deliver less than you had bargained for. Don't go throwing any rotten tomatoes, spoiling for a fight or you'll appear minor league to the pros you've been courting. Let better days dawn and you'll garner an important leg up.

Bird - (aka: Phoenix, hen, rooster) - transits: Saturn the Taskmaster (time), Venus Our Lady (love & luxe), Mercury (messenger)
Your lucky stars have dealt you aces from a clean deck. Money luck is the harbinger of change you are looking for. Though it may not seem so at the outset suddenly, situations will shift and your cash will flow more freely. Make some reservations and then set the rest aside. Play the game, you have a winning streak. You are truly gifted! Take full advantages of that.

Dog - (aka: Libra, lion) - Sun King (image), Mercury (messenger) arrives 10/19 to retrace it's steps, Venus Our lady (love & luxe) arrives on 10/14, Hunter's New Moon on 10/17
Your lucky Stars are on a Hiatus. Risks should be avoided at all costs. Strengthen your reserves rather than expending them. Cut back on dead wood and stay out of court. You are operating within the zone of good graces. If you can avoid playing politics the help you need will arrive just in time. Otherwise hold back and draw the line.

Pig - (aka: Scorpio, boar)
Your lucky stars have taken a holiday. When pigs are squeezed they squeal and in this cycle you'll be squished on both sides. Don't look down the barrel of the shoot, look up! Heaven will help you. This taunt energy can channel the best ideas into a silky purse from a sows ears. Necessity being the mother, inventions that astound the world pop out of these molds. The set-up is the tricky part. Wear a bullet proof, turtleneck vest and use all your protection devices.

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