Thursday, September 17, 2009

New Bird Moon & Fall Equinox

Have you ever seen the "Tower" card in the Tarot? Often feared beyond all the others it may be my favorite card in the deck.

In the ancient wisdom of the Tarot there is a saying... "when you see a leaning tower push it over, the sooner things fall apart the sooner they come back together."

In my view this sums up our current trend in the planetary influences for this cycle from our new bird moon on (9/18-09) to the full Dragon moon on (10/3-09).

The cards higher value or meaning is that of a stroke of genius, a flash of insight, an act of god or the obvious - complete annihilation.

This season what's been "hanging fire" may need to pass through the furnace to be made whole again. There's a hell's broth in the kitchen boiling over in the celestial scene. Its not the quantity of aspects, it's that intensity levels are set very high.

Being this card is a big mountain shape the most potent message it shares is that "mind over matter" always prevails, it's the law. Move your ego out of the way and voila ~ the problem or concern will dissolve.

Sometimes it takes divine intervention when we don't make changes ourselves or we need to give up what we've got in order to get what we want.

Particle energy must disfigure to reconfigure itself, devolution begets evolution. Ergo change requires a break-down before a break-through. It's a consequence of

This new moon ushers in the harvest season in the northern hemisphere. Plants release their fruits and give back the seeds for future growth. The southern shores below the belt line are now are hosting a spring vibe. Down under life is buzzing and humming.

Here are your Lucky Stars for all the zodiac signs in this moon cycle:

Rat - (aka: Sagittarius, mouse, mongoose)

It may seem for some of you right now you just can't catch a break. Skeletons keep popping out of the closet, chains are being rattled and sabers are crossed. Plus your little lab experiment has gone array. But underlying all this exterior doom and gloom is the interior reality of some well earned personal contentment. It's worth it's weight in gold - so don't discount it. You're out of the woods now, free and clear without the heavy encumbering pressures of the past. You may take liberties where ever you find them. Let fresh insight and an inner sense of wonder win out over the history of darker ages (rats want all the gory details...) and any lingering clouds of doubt will disappear. Prepare for an advance! In 2010 new energetic forces will rally, round moving you into greener pastures of the financial kind.

Ox - (aka: Capricorn, buffalo)
transits: Pluto the Dwarf (fate)

Batten down the hatches you are experiencing your first plutonian surge! Pluto moved into your sign for fifteen years on January 17, 2009. This set the stage for a larger framework of societal variation that has sparked ongoing construction in the bedrock of your personal being. Gale force, life transformations will blow right through you on a stormy sea of change. Plus the creature from the black lagoon keeps following you everywhere, showing up when least expected. Now you must earn the rights to all those claims you've been staking for so long. What was once written in stone has turned to sand, over night. Digging in your stilettos will only put you off balance. Concessions must be made to resolve the differences. Persistent results are simply the reward of habitual choices. Humility is key and grace under pressure is the hallmark of a true hero. Impostors need not apply. Once you get your head around this bend in the road you will see the special powers this long term transit presents to you.

Tiger - (aka: Aquarius)
transits: Neptune God of the Underworld (harmony) and Jupiter the Grand Duke (increase)

Don't let the warped sensation of this mercury retrograde pattern throw you off guard. Just pay the dues and save your soul. People and situations will reverse themselves on their own and the cows will come home. With Neptune as your guiding force you've had your fingers in the whole pie for some time now. Jupiter's visit to your realm has been a god send in so many ways and means. As a benefactor he has put substance and breathed life into your best laid plans. The bigger picture is on display and you are weaving your way through an intricately detailed, tapestry of opportunity. Above all you have the talent to make alterations serve the larger mold. In certain cases you've been willing to take yourself out of the process. There is no need to be a martyr about it - your valor is not in question. Keep your hands busy pulling strings while your toes tap out a rhythm. Take it easy on the little people, after all they are your loyal subjects. You've got money coming!

Hare - (aka: Pisces, fish, cat, rabbit)
transits: Uranus (chaos)

Your hair trigger responses are causing split ends on the object of your desire. There is a lot of static energy going through the line. It's no ones fault, it is an artifact of the existing old infiltration system that was already in place. This harvest season you need to weed out all the superfluous and bring the focus back to the bare bones essentials. Yeah, I know it seemed like for a minute that everyone else around you needed to change. You even went to the trouble of figuring out their moves on the board for them. But the game is over, the gig is up. Turns out perspective is adjustable and can be justified, right, left and center. Tune in on what you can do to be a better version of you then everyone is free to do their own thing. Pure chaos is a sacred form of natural selection, let nature take her course. Ignore the birdbrains who say " this is the last straw" or that "the sky is falling" all the while make good use of both. Set your sites on a new horizon and you'll spin gold with what's right in front of you. You've got my 5 star lucky guarantee!

Dragon - (aka: Aries)
transits: Full Moon (moods) on October 3rd

This is one bad ass moon on the rise, there's a lot of pressure in this cooker. In many respects I am certain it will lead to good things. I caution my dragons to not stake out a "no option" position they feel forced to authorize or act upon in this phase. It will not generate the offspring you want to develop. There is another way around and it will reveal itself on the heels of this energy pile-up. Otherwise what you buy into may not rise to be the loaf of bread you are hoping for. The bird and the dragon are legendary secret friends. They comprise the quintessential couple in a symbolic language that has lasted centuries. Originally it was the Tiger with the Dragon but the bird was thought more subservient. Rest assured this new moon will serve the dragon's needs even when there is hell to pay. The upshot of this transit is beneficial if you bide your time and hold out. Lay out your plans, set your criteria and keep an open mind until all efforts are exhausted and then go one step beyond. In making large purchases follow the logic of buyer's beware. Dragon's can exert their presence in a very definitive manner and in so doing make record breaking, history.

Serpent - (aka: Taurus, snake)

All the clicking and clucking going on in the hen house is producing plenty of golden eggs for you to harvest this season. Time is equal day and night like the yin and yang, black and white design. Each opposite half holding the seed of the other. They balance and compliment one another perfectly. When things are so nicely intertwined you feel in your element. This moment in time allows you the practice needed to get the perfect curve on your pitch and put the right twist on things. The snake sign is part of the mystical triad with the bird and the ox signs. The bird as the Phoenix rises from the ashes of the dead, the ox is the sacred buffalo and the serpent as the wise one is foremost a primal goddess. The Egyptian pharaohs wore cobras as a headdress. Snakes are charmers with big magic. Synchronicity is hard wired right to your doorstep to deliver a steady stream of opportunity. The package may arrive in a guise or mode unfamiliar to you at first glance. Give it a second chance and you will see a complete transformation better then you ever imagined!

Horse - (aka: Gemini)

Running into old buddies and chums seems to be the best medicine for what ails you these days. The spontaneity of it all is the right blend of action adventure in the ever day world without the inconvenience of a preset commitment. You are free to bow out or dive in. Mind you the work load will be lighter but the stakes are higher so there is still no time to spare. Be careful you don't suffer from tunnel vision or perceive problems based on previous experiences = fiction. You have untapped resources seeking an outlet for expression. My best guess is that situations will come knocking and want some sideways assistance. Don't be fooled if this feels like a headache and a hassle. The potential to open another channel for increased income is on the brink of such an event. You will be brought into the fold for the dawning of a new era in your world. Go with it and you will be pleasantly surprised.

Goat - (aka: Cancer, sheep, deer)
transits: Mars the War God (energy)

There's fire in the hole! Save the sky rockets and pyrotechnics for celebrations and revelations. Don't get over heated for small incremental changes and a few set backs. Keep the daily dos on a low simmer. No one can out pace your stamina and you are right to expect much in order to get more. The rule of thumb is that you catch more flies with honey than vinegar but the two combined work well with cucumbers in a salad. Nothing is worth losing your cool. Passion comes at a price, it always pays to be nice. Break down barriers inside your own mind to construct the new inroads to your happiness and well-being on a wider scale. Don't fashion the cart before the horse or you'll be back tracking when everyone else lurches forward. Burn off the excess Martian energy with physical outlets and constructive projects.

Monkey - (aka: Leo)

This is no time for monkey business. Just when you got all your ducks to line up in a row your bit in the show has been sidelined. This has left you holding the bag on so much undone stuff it is tough to make heads or tails of it. Leave it be and it'll sort itself out in due course. Your time is better spent asserting yourself in a niche for your particular brand of craftsmanship. As long as you line up to do what others do you will have stiff competition. As soon as you do what you are good at and keep at it, the field thins and the markets open themselves up. Start by finding what you are adept at doing. It may have gotten lost in the cracks but it is still sitting, right where you left it. Take a good long look at some unexpected fill-in-duties to round out your pursuit of this larger truth. Look before you leap and don't go grasping at straws the bird's got that rigged.

Bird - (aka: Phoenix, rooster)
transits: Sun King (image), Saturn the Taskmaster (time), Venus our Lady (love & luxe), Moon Goddess La Luna (moods), retrograde
Mercury (messages)

Cockeyed, loony bird ideas retooled from simple facts and base observations are the kind of fodder that fuels the media. You love to watch the grand spectacle of the parade and will dress up for it. For yourself, you are capable of unloading boatloads of hysteria and bargain basement, idle threats when life does not go according to your plan. But is all the drama really necessary, is it even working? Sometimes for effect, yes - but at the expense of your chief aim it has a higher cost. You've got to reprise your Florence Nightingale role and save the castaways to create a healthier system. The remote control is firmly in your sharp talons and you should be using it. Modesty is the best policy. You'll never win over what you keep thrashing and trashing. Somewhere in between the lines is the resolution you are looking for. Go easy pushing on the buttons or the overburdened systems will short circuit on you. This cycle is harsh but holds the promise of a crowning glory for all it's trouble.

Dog - (aka: Libra, lion)
transits: Mercury the Messenger (messages) (retrograde 9/6 to 9/29),
Autumn Equinox 9/22

Circle the wagons... and leave an opening only for back door sentries to resupply forces. What was suppose to be a simple matter has become a major ordeal. Birds of a feather have flocked together instead of heading south for the winter. This has put damper on things from one degree to another. Consequently, work and travel projects are now in jeopardy. Though it may be hard to imagine in this instance a sacrifice is required, something must be atoned. Get out the olive branch and start reaching toward agreements. Seek mediation over engagement. Ask yourself what role have you played in the scheme of things. Who is the villain and who is the victim? Cast yourself in a new light that will serve the desired outcome. Saturn moves in to your sign at the end of October and you won't be free to make the choices you now have. Even if you don't like them take stock and access options. Vet everything to find a resolution through the avenues at hand. Get a taste of your own medicine or symptoms could persist for several years.

Pig -
(aka: Scorpio, boar)

Don't be afraid to freshen the whole stage set. Go ahead and shake things up in the middle of others - just remember to make a save after each step. You must feel your way through without the usual markers. Shots have already been fired across the bow and complaints from every quarter are lodged in people's minds. Stay out of the fray, this is not your fight. Keep sending out operational lines in the hope something will find it's way through to the other side. In the midst of the chaos there is a good chance you'll get a lucky shot off at your prime target. An unexpected direct hit will have long, lasting implications. Speak the gospel of the universal order while tinkering with the machine. Big innovations will do the work for you to level off the playing field as soon as you get the gears aligned. This new moon cycle will provide an awareness of something that is indigenous to you. Discoveries are made in the dark. An answer to a call comes in the eleventh hour, be ready for it. Blessing abound!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Full Hare Moon ~ Aloha Friday, Sept. 4th 2009

This flirtatious moon is a marsh mellow bunny. Under no circumstances should it be taken seriously. On the other hand being resourceful you could pull an energizer rabbit out of this hat. To pass go and collect dollars in this cycle... use the dedicated practice at what it is that you already do, then do-it now and don't stop!

Know in spite of any contrary circumstances what really needs to happen can actually be accomplished. Look to what is before you now, the harvest season is upon us. Don't be led astray or fall into the hole. Why bother to run late when the turtle always wins the race!

To set the stage for the coming dog, days of summer I've laid out the Zodiac signs as players on a field like a softball game. With "special rules" of course and in-situ "on-the-clock" instead of set in a diamond.

Rat: on 1st base - (aka: Sagittarius, mongoose, mouse)

A lot of runners get past you when you are busy hankering for the old days... signs here say that Pluto
(fate) has long since moved on and no direct connections with the old world can be made. Revision the outcome and get a bead on who is up to bat as your first line of defense. Medium-ship is an uncertain business and ball gazing produces very little truth to tell. Our sports hero the rat will continue to spin legends but his halls are getting a little dusty. Clear the decks and pace yourself. In the coming year grand rapids will stream through new venues based on previously collected data. Do not despair, be prepared! And about that shadow, make friends with it. What was once thought a curse is in fact a blessing in disguise.

Ox: on 2nd base - (aka: Capricorn, buffalo, bull, cow) +cautionary note: Pluto goes direct on 9/11.

Same 'ol, same 'ol, put on the crown, pass the wine and please the masses... yawn. It is getting stuffy to be so full of oneself on a regular basis. BE ADVISED your newly acquired Pluto
(fate) power will forthwith be squaring off against Saturn (father time). And not only in your dreams. The stakes will be raised in the every day world too. To resolve this get out of yourself and into greener pastures before the mud you are standing in turns to concrete. The ball will come to you when you focus on it being in your hands and not else where. Team spirit requires a flexible mindset with a firmly planted stance that you can take everywhere. Off the bench, no one sits this game out.

Tiger: on 3rd base -
(aka: Aquarius)

Until this moment the chances of someone getting this far-out seemed remote at best. But now despite the long odds the bases are loaded and the deck is stacked. Keep your wits about you, you'll need them. For the remainder of summer the Grand Duke Jupiter (increase) and his unlikely collaborator the planet Neptune (order), our Lord and Guardian of the Underworld are out of orbit. Do you trust your instincts? Well that will depend on how well you can separate yourself from the madness and see through the smokescreen. The heavy hitters are moving backward stealing bases and deliberately creating distractions.
Peaceful warrior of the brotherhood, tune in on your senses, steel your nerves, see past the obvious. Train your eye to be on-the-ball for a win/win solution then you will know-it for sure when you see it.

Hare: on home base/catcher - (aka: Pisces, cat, rabbit, fish)

May we? Dare say... do tell! Revelations, revelations, revelations so much so your head may spin out of control! This moody host of our holiday mayhem is the Co-creator Uranus
(chaos). He is the one kicking cosmic sand in the dugout. To allow is to teach so get a handle on it. Lock your emotions in a stable position and protect home base. Whatever needs doing, don't wait a minute longer. The trick of this silvery, slip stream on the horizon is to hold off the back sliders to your best advantage and catch what is thrown at you. This Moon Lady is a super, sexy, Summer Love bunny so wear your cotton tail out. Emotions run high and perception is way out there beyond beliefs ever known. To ride the wave - catch the drift, it's got plenty of high-quality entertainment value!

Dragon: the pitcher - (aka: Aries)

Although you don't always see them or hear them "the presence" of the Dragon is felt, even when they seem far off in another world. This deep, penetrating change agent is the leader. His rule is marked by countless, constructive delays and endless detours in the landscape of the mound. There are no mistakes, values have wavered, speculation is rampant and the days are being drug out over and over. Thus far all the big claims about a fast pitch appear to be just a mirage. Do not be wooed or fooled by outward appearance my divine child. For true believers the kingdom is really, real. Just before you release the ball suspend your imagination and send it where you want it to go using your second sight. Oh, by the way... contact management and get a new lease on life before Mercury goes retrograde on 9/7 or this one is sure to be a re-do.

Serpent: is short stop - (aka: Taurus, bull, snake)

Except for the occasional pond fly you've been catching it may feel like you're just hanging out waiting around for something better to show up. While folks remain unrealistically fearful of serpents the serpent in return is wise to remain cool and aloft. Prefer the observational mode over intervention and maintain mostly casual acquaintances is practically a motto. Only a selected few, closely held relations in this climate of change is prudent. Your temperature sensitive skin craves newly scaled fashions, not all those old layers. The ice is thawing and it's melt will tell a different story then the tip suggests. Stay tuned in and dialed up to get the very latest action-packed reports. Your connections may appear as only the threads of a tiny web but they are stronger than any other substance known to man. Take heart in them and keep the channel open.

Horse: in right field - (aka: Gemini)

There's some slack showing over in the right side of the field. Wake-up and stop all the chatter boxing. Calling the shots before the ball is in play is not a good strategy especially if you get caught off guard. Your earning capacity is based on what thoughts you "pay" your attention to. Stay nimble and curious through these transits and flights of fancy. You'll find there is some serious fluffy-headed-ness going around out there. Be alert and watch-it when the least expected, happens. I'd say that responsiveness over reactions is an art you are developing more fully to the benefit of others. Horses tend to fixate on the feedbag schedule while forgetting they have a cart to pull or a ground ball to catch. Not enough glitz, eh? Giddy-up horsey, be ready for it this is your re-minder!

Goat: out in center field - (aka: Cancer, sheep, deer)

The balance of power rests in the strength of ones inner, center core. Though sheep will blindly follow their buddies into quicksand you can't trick a goat. Now ya see'um, now ya don't, goats have eyes in the back of their heads. No other zodiac animal is as temptuous or fun loving. In the height of this summers peak performance their dry humor is a huge success. Even when not every one is "in" on the joke they are charming and decorative to have around. Make sure the little Kids get plenty of potty breaks, naps and snacks to keep the grouchies at bay. The planet Mars
(energy) often called the War Czar is setting up camp in this cozy, love spot. Watch out that fevers don't pitch and fly your own true colors. You are this season's hotshot, no doubt about it!

Monkey: in left field - (aka: Leo, Lion, chimp)

No one likes to be out in left field and this is no time or place for false modesty. Do your job, be a good sport about it and you shall be justly rewarded. My lady Venus
(love & luxe) rides through the streets clothed only in her golden tresses. Who would get tired of that in this summer heat. All the people agree to look the other way while peeking through the cracks to watch the scene. Then suddenly! Whoosh a ball drops out of the sky and luck has it fall right into your ready mitt. As they say, "fortune favors the brave" and so it goes my friend answer the call and you won't be sorry. Find fault with your position and it is you who lose out. Your everyday choices are being made manifest as-is, in the long run with no short cuts.

Bird: the rover - (aka: Phoenix, Rooster)

You've got to stay on your tippy-tip toes using a full range of motion to win out in this fast moving court of players. Our Sun
(image) and a forward Saturn (time) are creating a district of health and human services in another realm. The possibilities are not as strange seeming as the low plausibility factor of all those conceptual notions. Your main position should be to fill in the blanks, not be adding more stuff as you go along. Get the paperwork done and don't peck at every little detail. Nothing is holding you back... but in this coming retro cycle your pigeons -my love, may come home to roost. No need to get your feathers ruffled you can easily smooth out the creases. Don't be afraid to lay it on thick and finish the edges in a rich, vanilla frosting. Being sweet naturally, comes in handy-dandy the way you like it.

Dog: the umpire - (aka: Libra)

You pulled the duty everyone thought no one wanted. The thing is you relish having this much control, you like barking out orders and enjoy calling the shots! Who would have known? Make sure you keep to the letter of the law. There will be lots of garden-variety interference going around. Busy bodies are watching and taking names. Shutter speeds are set on mega watts with stunning effects. This fall the planet Mercury (messenger) goes retrograde (foul ball) from the Dog house backward into the bird's nest. The tiniest paw or toe over the line will cause major league errors. But it is only a summer ball toss so above all be vigilant to the spirit of the game. That is after all the theme of things to come so practice being a good sport ahead of time! Deflect whatever gets in the way of your primary delights and don't be the least bit surprised when everything goes haywire over in Bird ville. Early next month will deliver us a welcome reprieve to better days.

Pig: Batter Up - (aka Scorpio, Boar, eagle)

Batter up! That's right the Boar is up to bat. To some this might seem a mistake with so much riding on the line out there in the field of motion. But this little power-hitter is the secret weapon, the wild card in the mix. A perfect counter balance. Grace under pressure is a standard reflex in your type set with keen perceptions and calculated reaction times. Don't allow anyone to rush you on the outside or disturb concentration levels on the inside. There's a distinctive cracking sound when the ball connects with the bat. Suddenly everything is accelerated in a mad dash around the park. You hear the other team screaming as you zip past every base like a greased pig. On the road to glory you score big and find your way home. Happy endings are made for this kind of drama Rama. Superstars are shinning brightly to guide you!