Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Prenumberal Full Tiger Moon Lunar Eclipse

This Gigantic moon of our current eclipse is for the most part a Paper Tiger! For a minute there... things may really seem like they are something. Then whoosh ~ all of a sudden, turns out they are really nothing.

In the background of all this summertime intensity and excitement seedlings of the daily enlightened bring forth new life and fresh experience. Everyday is a brand new day. Energy fields are growing and taking on momentum with the remarkable planetary positions influencing us and our realities in this year.

Like all eclipses keep your wits about you and real rewards can be claimed for the lucky few going forward.

Another opportunity this bad, boy moon presents is to finally have a sit down and meet the gangster in your own mind. When you see that all outward appearances are simply a read out of your daily thoughts, feelings and actions you take possession of a mystical key. The one that opens the door to unlimited possibilities.

Until you fully understand that basic, underlying fabric of reality -you will forever be caught up in endless retro cycles, chained -and doomed to repeat patterns that lead back to the nothing.

Stand up to your weakness, your worst fears will simply disappear when you face them. Often the shadow we try to out run is only an outdated expectation that keeps getting in the way. You know you are closed off in your thinking when you say -that something or someone can only be one way. Truth is we live in a world of limitless possibilities all the time.

People tend to close off by deciding in their mind how, where, when and why something or someone must be. The only choice we really get is what. We get to decide what it is we want. Once we have possession of that information we can set the wheels in motion. Otherwise we spin our wheels and get nowhere.

Define it, refine it, align with it and then allow it to make it's way through the signal and buddy system known as synchronicity and serendipity.

We live in a sea of infinite variables, everything possible exists in this world to some degree or another... there is tons of flotsam out there so be careful what you allow yourself to pick up on. We are easily impressed when we take things only at face value. "Pay" attention to the man behind the curtain.

Another amazing phenomenon is happening in this summer sky as the war god Mars has been speaking directly (face to face) with Luna, our lady of moods and dreams in alternative worlds. This a an unusual alliance with highly, favorable implications.

As personally witnessed by Mars in the sign of the Horse rising under the moon from my bedroom window every night. Masculine might meets his feminine principle in a seemingly casual, yet significant encounter under the stars. Anything you are "facing" right now is part of this mars energy.

Mars appears each night slightly bigger, bolder and brighter -but not as big or as close as it was back in 2003.

This extra gravity is the weight of the trine Mars is conducting with the Grand Duke -the great Benefic, Jupiter. This colossal bonanza is due to the power of Jupiter and his extended deep space conjunction with Neptune. Orbits are being warped and bent stirring up the winds of change. Jupiter itself just had an explosive event!

The universe sees everything!

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