Wednesday, August 19, 2009

New Monkey / Bird Moon

This is the AHA moment many of us have been waiting for!

It's underlying magnetic properties can present you with a very tricky situation. The natural artifacts of which are brimming with possibilities opening up the soulful genius in all of us to a big bonanza. It's clever, it's crafty and oh so wily in it's regard for ambition over success.

For those of you who have deliberately set the stage and laid out a framework/platform for large scale adaption this cycle can be quite revealing. Selling itself as it goes along. Use the dynamic of its internal/external flow pattern to reset your "habit of thinking" in the direction you'd like to go. Of course you will need to tweak it - but get it dialed up and tuned in.

This monkey (aka Leo) means business... and though the moon is dark there will be a lingering after glow in effect for quite sometime into the future. Don't even try to put anything past it with out a full sniff test.

The harvest season is pushing us forward taking the procession with it. The mills are ever grinding their march through space and time on the other side of being. What leaves us here shows up on the flip side, well sort of. The poles that govern our drape or drop are based on the pull from the top.

Yeah, something called a "Uni" verse has got us by an invisible string. So forget all that nonsense about ever being alone. I can assure you the universe (unified verse) knows and accounts for every particle of it's being. We are part of that wholeness so get over yourself, completely and immediately. A divided mind goes nowhere fast, over and over again.

Cut back the brambles in your head and treat your ego like a stump that will only get in the way when you let it. They say, "to allow is to teach" and monkey see monkey do. To perceive otherwise is simply an underdeveloped mindset. No one and nothing is putting anything over on you, your shadow belongs to you.

This aspect allows a measure of control to the progressive process. Focus on filtering the systems that channel our greater good to us. Don't absorb wasteful matter, let it pass. We live in an ocean of motion teaming with energetic forms. They all report back to the Mothership.

What on Earth did you things all the bazillions of crazy bugs are for? It's pointless to kill them as they will only send more. They all belong to the Vibratory Alliance of the Universal Order of Things. Be ever mindful in keeping all clouds-of-doubt-about that, at bay.

Walk the beachfront property in the frontal lobe everyday - what is upper most in your conscious mind? Find it and identify with it or cast it aside. Simply put, it is what you are sending out with frequency and currency ($$) that will be justly returned.

Time ebbs and flows, the moon rules the tides... and our moods. Again be aware that it is what you "constantly" send out that will with absolute surety wash back up on your shore.

We may find holes in our gravity and see things get sucked through space in new ways.

This is a dangerous business. Our gravity should not be encouraged to be porous but to solidify in order to manifest substance. Trying to make things disappear - is even denser still and it is only an illusion, everything is everywhere all the time. What goes up comes down, watch your head.

Well maybe I'm giving too much away here... It don't want to spoil the show. Let's see how this shakes out. Things are not always what they seem.

Jockeying for a new position is exactly where we are right now. And I must say I am quite surprised at the potency of this new primate moon. It really snuck-up on me. Values are strong and intrinsic opportunities are a well spring just begging to be tapped.

Tap, tap, tap... we should. Crack that thunder egg wide open. In fact once we align our goals with some genuine conviction we can begin to weed out the suckers. Time snatchers and parasites are all part of space travel, everyone gets them. Freeing yourself is your responsibility and I recommend you do so daily.

Give yourself some liberty to sort out the improbable facts and fiction and discover the lead lines that link directly with your conceived (not perceived) reality.

But you must also build a bridge to the place you truly desire and for that use your Imaging Guidance Senses. Do not let mere whimsy or a passing fancy lure you astray like the smell of warm, baked bread wafting from the kitchen.

Your wish can come true when you get your head around the truth, discarding all other nonsense and disregarding any contrary irrelevance. That takes a lot of practice.

This moon needs you to touch it and feel it, get all in it's mystical moment.

Today (Wednesday) moon transists the monkey and can be playfully, wrapped around us like a snug, cozy blanket. As it changes station and settles into the birds nest (aka rooster, Phoenix Virgo) on Thursday we experience a mini v/c (void of course) moon.

This portion invades our sleep modes displaying such antics in metaphorical trappings as to cause considerable alarm. The misty, morning melancholy will fade when you let it go. Shine out the light, all else is meaningless. Don't feed the demons.

When the moon hits the birds eye view a fresh version of a "hunting and peeking" order evolves anew. Albeit with a rather grandoise vigor instilled through and through. This is one tough bird! Birds bring evolution to fore, are known for being flamboyant and have more innate modesty then the monkey. The chimp of course acts out in full view while throwing his droppings @u.

Keep in mind that the rem setting will be precocious and awakening - not too mention potentially hysterical as it dives bombs into the bird. Once there it will bring a quickening to the outset of our brand new selves. We can be more resilient and infinitely more desirable than anyone we were previous when we choose to be.

Rise up! Get above the fray. Don't ever engage the chaos directly, it will splatter all over you. Stay firmly centered in the calm, constant presence of knowing.

Shed that skin, peel off the cocoon and take flight.

Knowing the Monkey likes to be "on" stage expect things to get way over the top before they even begin to roll back down on the other side of a peak performance. Try not to take it all too seriously, though.

The underlying basis will sustain further growth and the emergence of the early off shoots almost always seems to garner the most fanfare.

It's showtime! Be prepared with your stuff, know what you "can do" or you won't be ready when called upon. Everyone gets a chance at the wheel, everyday is a new day.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Prenumberal Full Tiger Moon Lunar Eclipse

This Gigantic moon of our current eclipse is for the most part a Paper Tiger! For a minute there... things may really seem like they are something. Then whoosh ~ all of a sudden, turns out they are really nothing.

In the background of all this summertime intensity and excitement seedlings of the daily enlightened bring forth new life and fresh experience. Everyday is a brand new day. Energy fields are growing and taking on momentum with the remarkable planetary positions influencing us and our realities in this year.

Like all eclipses keep your wits about you and real rewards can be claimed for the lucky few going forward.

Another opportunity this bad, boy moon presents is to finally have a sit down and meet the gangster in your own mind. When you see that all outward appearances are simply a read out of your daily thoughts, feelings and actions you take possession of a mystical key. The one that opens the door to unlimited possibilities.

Until you fully understand that basic, underlying fabric of reality -you will forever be caught up in endless retro cycles, chained -and doomed to repeat patterns that lead back to the nothing.

Stand up to your weakness, your worst fears will simply disappear when you face them. Often the shadow we try to out run is only an outdated expectation that keeps getting in the way. You know you are closed off in your thinking when you say -that something or someone can only be one way. Truth is we live in a world of limitless possibilities all the time.

People tend to close off by deciding in their mind how, where, when and why something or someone must be. The only choice we really get is what. We get to decide what it is we want. Once we have possession of that information we can set the wheels in motion. Otherwise we spin our wheels and get nowhere.

Define it, refine it, align with it and then allow it to make it's way through the signal and buddy system known as synchronicity and serendipity.

We live in a sea of infinite variables, everything possible exists in this world to some degree or another... there is tons of flotsam out there so be careful what you allow yourself to pick up on. We are easily impressed when we take things only at face value. "Pay" attention to the man behind the curtain.

Another amazing phenomenon is happening in this summer sky as the war god Mars has been speaking directly (face to face) with Luna, our lady of moods and dreams in alternative worlds. This a an unusual alliance with highly, favorable implications.

As personally witnessed by Mars in the sign of the Horse rising under the moon from my bedroom window every night. Masculine might meets his feminine principle in a seemingly casual, yet significant encounter under the stars. Anything you are "facing" right now is part of this mars energy.

Mars appears each night slightly bigger, bolder and brighter -but not as big or as close as it was back in 2003.

This extra gravity is the weight of the trine Mars is conducting with the Grand Duke -the great Benefic, Jupiter. This colossal bonanza is due to the power of Jupiter and his extended deep space conjunction with Neptune. Orbits are being warped and bent stirring up the winds of change. Jupiter itself just had an explosive event!

The universe sees everything!