Monday, July 20, 2009

Total Solar New Moon Goat Eclipse

Welcome to the New Moon Total Solar Eclipse in the sign of the Goat.

Bridging the cosmic wonder and the natural world:

As we enter this transit I shall be, becoming and beginning something I already am in order to be something I can now be again -even better than the me before.

This is happening to me through a process of total transformation known to me as the butterfly effect (a topic for another post.) A transformation I willingly accepted as unexpected challenges of life altering proportions reigned in my life supreme.

Do you batten down the hatches to ride out the storm seeking safety and comfort (= rearranging outward circumstances?) Or like me do you throw caution the the wind and go full speed ahead, driving your entire force into the eye of the monster before you?

In the immediate field of time reference one of my personal and professional storms arrived in late September 2006. And of course I had been warned "it is all too impossible" by those who sought shelter from the wrath of the chaos and confusion before me.

This eclipse speaks to me of this passage of time. It is from there that I am here, now sitting in the eye of that storm in the land of paradise before me on today's date. On another day and time I may be elsewhere.

Though it is also fair to say it has taken me lifetimes to get here (and that I am lucky to recall them) the larger truth is my recall of my lifetimes before me. Knowledge and awareness of the a future that I am from, that is now tugging at me.

Is anyone lost yet? So rather than tell you where I know we are going I'd like to start with where I am, where YOU are -because after all this is about you and your way through.

Worlds are merging and time frames are blurring...

What I should have been saying all along (some years back) I did not say. Even though I found the master key (in 1995) I did not unlock that mystery.

To do so I thought might rock the boat. I did not want to battle the waves of contradictions and confusing contraries to the accepted truth vs. the known facts. It seemed good enough for me to know and not to complicate matters.

And now for those who would also like to know... as they say "you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free."

First let's take a look at square one:

Basically what this is about is the elephant sitting in the room that everyone seems to be ignoring. That elephant is that the use of existing Western, Chinese and Vedic Astrology systems of the past, in our modern contemporary world that predict influences are technically outmoded. And the newer models are ineffectual as they are even more general within a very limited scope.

These widely used astrological systems, since being named and charted have all long ago (hundreds of years) processed (gone beyond) from where they use to be. Also from where they need to be were one going to use them to chart destinies in this world.

This grinding of the mills (as it is know to some) is due to the nature of this planet. The procession has thrown things out of alignment, in so doing they NO LONGER sync-up accurately.

This is something I discovered when I was 8 years old. At that time as a child I made it my secret, personal wish and goal to fix it.

While growing up I learned that people where not keen on changing their beliefs... systems. But for me the reality of this mystery kept knocking - so I kept searching.

This important scientific fact is the one Astronomers are only to happy to take into account and astrologers seem to continue to ignore. Why?

The main reason may be that it's hard to figure out and very complex to re-configure correctly. You need a key to unlock the code to the canopy of heaven. It requires someone willing to buck the norm, to take a departure from the ingrained and accepted ideas of the past. And of course you would still be needing the key to open this door.


A way to better understand what this means is to use a comparison. Using the majority of the modern, popular astrological systems to guide you to your lucky stars would be like using a 14th century map to sail around the ocean. It will not be very precise or reliable in getting you to your destination.

I'm not saying the current modes are not fun, or entertaining or even at moments enlightening. They simply cannot be relied upon to provide accurate predictable results. It's somewhat like a hit-or-mis generalized, guessing game.

In this universe, as humans we live, move and have our being inside a membrane. A razor thin reflective film like the waters surface on a lake. This superficial coating surrounds the exterior of a giant, whirling mass of fire in an ocean of cosmic motion. It is not even thick enough to be called a crust.

In this membrane we are always flexing, moving, growing, changing, living, dying and evolving. It is the law of nature in the context of our cosmic wonder.

Using the well established systems of astrology will not give you the whole benefits or complete story that you so richly deserve.

Rather than having me just keep covering the same ground in a different fashion we will now break new ground - which is what this eclipse is ALL about! Breaking up rocky conditions in our minds that create the broken, uneven aspects in our local environments and circumstances.

Think upon it in this way: consider leaving your house to get something you need or want from a local store. Let's say the store moved away 3+ degrees north of where it had been before and no one told you.

That means the farther you go in the direction that it once was... the less chance you have of ever encountering what you set out for. Until you throw out that faulty map - and take a new tack you will be forever lost.

Like today's most popular methods of Astrology the farther you go into them to find your way in the world the farther you will be from the place you are trying to get to.

Please don't get me wrong there are many people who have done great work to scratch the surface on this conundrum that goes unnoticed. And for that I am grateful as they have lead me to take the initiative to complete the process.

People often ask me for a book on this topic and I am happy to say I am inching closer to publishing a title: Circle of Animals ~ the Zodiac evolved, bridging the cosmic wonder with the natural world to discover the Star Luck of your life!

This book (Circle of Animals) I'm completing answers where we come from, where we are going and what we are all about so that we can move forward. It unlocks the mystery of our "star luck" and the greater good fortune of our higher self that we all so richly deserve.

Star Luck, as I call it makes us all unique and does the opposite of generalizing. It provides a magnetic guidance system to life's happiness that identifies your own unique, personal code and characteristics, like a recipe with a marker on the page.

It is why we are who we are and more importantly it is what we are and what we seek to become. This being the bigger picture to the story, let's for now just take this process of illumination in little steps.

To start:

The 21st of July is a New Moon Total Solar Eclipse in the SW sector of Goat, aka sheep, higher aesthetic is the deer and was once long ago the constellation of Cancer. It rides in the location on the Southwest compass points that govern love and relationships, the home and hearth. It is the earth element in the cycles of harmony and conflict of the 5 elements. This year it contains heaven luck and right now that luck is doubled!

This is special since it will reboot the "universal love energy" that has been lacking, damaged or diminished.

In short the damage occurred over a field of time when the planet Venus began an occultation loop (ratio 33:01 that will last 8 years + 122 years) in June 2004 with our planet Earth.

Then the bigger fly got stuck in the ointment when the planet Mars (war god) came so close to our planet as to ride in the sign of the Serpent (goddess energy) for an extended period. That positioning held sway from July 2005 to February 2006.

Mars took a 6 month transit instead of the usual 6 weeks (adding a x 10 factor) in the (SE) (Abundance) sign of the Serpent (Goddess) which left a rift in the fabric of life's tapestry that has been hard to repair. It is like when men pace back and forth, trapped somewhere they don't want to be. This tear in the picture frame created a gulf between the sexes that at times seems impossible to traverse.

In this time frame we have seen the artificial fertility practices increase and presume to be normal or okay. Now in many instances a woman goes to a doctor to get pregnant instead of allowing nature to take her course. Have we lost our trust of the very essence of our creative natures?

I assure you in the long run we cannot outsmart nature with a hormone cocktail and some fancy pants manipulations.

And back to Mars, this planet is pure male energy and not at all comfortable in the females private den of darkness. Hence the doctor's intervention in private matters.

This extended cycle will not formally complete itself until 2012 -but for now, today we get an opportunity to place a new piece of an old puzzle into place.

Our current Ecliptic energy will spur a reboot, or resetting of energy fields to mend the frayed bonds of "male to female" relations (in societies and for individuals.) This will lead to WORK that can ultimately retrieve and restore the lost parts of the goddess.... plus we get an added "double dose" of heaven luck thrown in (whew wee!!) to move the process faster. (making Mars snappy, happy!)

This particular eclipse also ties-in directly (segway) with another "Blue Moon, Full Moon" Goat eclipse we will have on New Years Eve, December 31st this year.

In 2009 we have (6) eclipses of various degrees and components that are somewhat scattered, not like the traditional pairs.

We will have eclipses in July and August. So buckle up as we can expect turbulence and turmoil in the everyday world through these patterns. The kind of cosmic storm that will alter our perceptions, bend our minds, test our will and resolve, and forever alter the status quo.

Only this ecliptic event will connect with the eclipse on New Years (which is a very rare Blue Moon Eclipse) both are being held in the SW sign of the Goat.

Tuning in to the features I have already mentioned it will break us free from past beliefs and outmoded systems. Sometimes against our will as this is again, something as humans we don't easily embrace.

So be glad in the home you've got whatever and wherever it may be on this planet. Make the most of it by fixing up your wilderness before you cast it aside or give up hope.

We are now in the breaking-up, shaking up period that goes along with seeding (not ceding) new ground for our future opportunities.

Look to how you can fit into this the space and time and not try to make the space and time fit you, or your own world view. Modify and adjust based on the terms you are handed. This is a very pliable opportunity when attuning to this mindset. Much good can come from the right course of action based on a proper mindset.

Are you still trying to make your world fit your view or do you stay curious to a ever changing kaleidoscope of energy? Adapt and apply these principles, liberally but inside the lines. Are you asking; how can I get what I want from my world, the way I want it or are you asking what have I got to give to my world, how can what I do make my world better for me and for others around me?

With a properly, prepared ground work you can now plant the seeds (physically, metaphorically, symbolically) that will practically overnight grow to bloom and bear the fruits of our deepest (and sometimes unconscious) desires.

Since this all this happens in the darkness of a new moon the results will be veiled for a time and so do not doubt about it. After we plant our ground the seeds must rest a moment before bursting forth with new life and energy. Growing doubts around the process at hand feeds the kind of fear that kills our best laid plans before they sprout or wax strong.

This new moon eclipse is also fussy to be sure (it's a goat) but it is also quite magical and is an excellent time to restart latent dreams, talents, wishes and goals... -etc. (rest quietly)

My goal now is to be here for you (me, us, them) and for those who seek to meet this challenge head on. To properly distill the wisdom in this most auspicious time frame as it all unfurls and unfolds for the benefit of our collective, creative consciousness.

(I plan to keep writing on the topic)

The general rule of thumb with eclipses is too not OVER react or try and pre-empt circumstances at hand since they can be entirely misleading. Options and situations will give way and shift ground.

As that happens new themes will open and emerge that have yet to be considered. Thus making ANY actions you have taken to stave off the storm worse or at best possibly irrelevant over time.

Putting on the crown (goddess energy) is a metaphor for the illumination of our minds... to be where we want to be, when that is different then where we are (in mind, body or spirit = people, place and things) we must see past what we think we already believe.

"Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind"

Go in peace and let peace be our Victory. Mend fences don't build them and flex to bend- or something will brake. That is the best we can accomplish for the moment and then soon there will be more... good luck!