Sunday, May 24, 2009

Gift Horse New Moon & Sun

On this day we benefit wildly and widely from a double Horse (aka: Gemini) Sun and New Moon combo! Though Mercury is retrograde and Venus is still misaligned in the Dragon sign soon our Lady of love & luxe will be liberated.

As soon as Venus moves into the Serpent on June 6th she is exalted. Her power will begin a resurgence in this venue as she immediately gains ground to reclaim much that has gone by unaddressed in our relationships as far back as May 2005.

On this new moon I've adopted the theme of "getting around to it" and then following through with steps I can take to progress anything sitting idle.

You may as well make hay while the sun shines as it will do no good to be sitting in the neutral zone or just killing time. All players should dressed and ready out on the field, as they say in sports. Be poised for that unexpected stroke of luck or that little opening for a toe in the door. Seek and yea shall find, knock and it shall be opened to you.

Go get what you want, or at least shop for ideas about it - don't wait.

This New Moon and Sun provide an excellent backdrop to kick-off this energetic pattern that will carry us forward to the summer/winter (north/south) solstice in June.

So today like a horse that pulls the cart, harness up your best ideas and put a yoke on them so they may be made useful. Buckle down and get to the heart of the matters at hand and let the powerful horse energy deliver us there quicker!

Stick to the no signing (nothing long term or valuable) rules of the retrograde Mercury period (May 6th - May 30th) and role-with-the-punches, follow your hunches and disregard communication snafu's. Make headway and create head space into plans laid, waylaid and/or previously delayed.

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  1. Wow China Rose- the clear images that support the advice provided are really helpful. The concept of suiting up for the game and being ready to play really helps deal with times(energy) that seem stagnate or alternately overwhelming with priorities to be handled. A person needs to be up and be ready if one to be in the right place at the right time.
    This is good June advice, but also good solid wisdom for anytime!
    Thank you-