Thursday, May 7, 2009

Full Boar Moon

This Full Boar Moon (aka pig/Scorpio) is coming on strong Friday, May 8th. It doesn't even begin to peak until 9PM - PST so the high drama is not likely to abate anytime soon. At least not until after the moon wanes in another 24 to 48 hours.

The peak full moon is followed by a weak, lackluster v/c (void of course) moon on Saturday from noon to 7PM - PST. Don't lock horns or tangle your tusks around any thorny issues. Take a mud bath instead. This is a "best spa day" for the Mom in all of us.

Until then connections will be tenuous at best and not existent in most cases. Nothing is set - nothing will gel, to justify right - hold off. And with Mercury retrograde until May 30th expect a ghost-of-chance to be just that, ghostly. What goes around comes out on the "other side" so watch your back.

The pig moon's influence can rage out of control like the fire pig that runs amok in the Japanese Anime film, Princess Mononoke. Reading the bones there appears to be plenty of fire and brimstone being meted out by more than a few angry spirits in the mix.

The pressure exerted and heat generated will be extremely intense at times. Be ready to chill and cool your jets if you want to stay in good with the divine graces. All this takes place under a world of different aspects.

Namely, Jupiter (increase) and Neptune's (harmony/illusion) rare conjunction taking place in the Tiger (aka Aquarius) sign, and what a story that is. The long term influences of these two (outer rim planets) joining forces make it impossible right now to gauge matters at any kind of face value, in any ordinary fashion.

Images are blurred and the lines are smeared. For the adept few this fog is malleable but the rest of us should await new tests that verify results or hold back. No signing or whining please.

Nothing is what it seems but also there appears to be more nonsense than we ever imagined growing wild in the subtext. Not too mention all the sexual high jinx and tinkering with the machine happening in the not-so-subtle background.

Go with anything fun to stay out of trouble and stop to smell the roses. By this Sunday, on Mother's day in the western world the moon enters the Rat (aka Sag) where we can begin to gain back perspective on the matters at hand.

Shared secrets, witty-chatter and lively discussions to dissect our thoughts on a wide array of topics will prevail. It's a sporty day of active energy so pump-up the volume and pack a picnic basket on your way to the park or other outing venue. Get outside of yourself for sure.

Times like these should not be judged bad or good but rather progressive in nature. Regardless of appearances forward motion is our true salvation. Stay out of harms way by relenting instead of stressing and be ready for some extraordinary reversals in fortune that are just up ahead in the road. I'll keep you posted.

Peace is our victory!

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