Friday, April 24, 2009

Exalted Setpent Moon

This dark, exalted Serpent moon weighs a lot heavier than I expected. Go light and easy with it and remember all-the-while you will be sowing the seeds of your near future, financial success and well-being. Transform, transmute and shed that old skin to awaken the new you.

This years Spring Fever will be nigh incurable for hard-core romantics and can strike anyone, anywhere, anytime so use caution. It's a hot out there. Venus and Mars are straddling each other on two sides of a fence right now. Somewhere between the bunnies burrow (Hare aka Pisces) and the dragon's lair (Dragon aka Aries) there is a space where lovers will find common ground and perhaps a golden opportunity for more than ephemeral lust.

Don't STOP! Go with the flow. Forward ho may mean turning back on the curve but do go the distance. Ride the Serpentine path to spiral your way to a new plateau, a fresh discovery, an exotic destination or surprise adventure. Something real and wonderful in your world is just beginning. Right here, right now.

Aloha Friday, all the best & more... ~}!{~